3 September 2012

Chambery - Grenoble

While staying in Chambery I had managed fix my "Garmin". Still don't know why sometimes the screen is switching off. But after the full charge and factory reset it working again.

From the Chambery to the Grenoble is only 65km. There are two main roads going to Grenoble. One is fast and without mountains and another one is long, hard with loads of mountains.

I had chosen a easy one.

But my "Garmin" decided to take me through the high mountains. Why?
Think after the hard reset something happened with his electronic brains.
When I noticed that my route not easy as I expected was already to late...

 Weather that day was bad.........

Most of my day I cycled in my waterproof trousers.
And the most of my day I was cycling uphill.

Clouds were low.
Or maybe I was too high.

Sometimes rain was very strong.

Long climb up to the skies.


6% gradient is't that bad, but it still hard.
My speed at this point was 5km/h :(

1 km to the top.

First done. Another two to go.

Little souvenir shop at the top of the mountain.

I bought 3 postcards.
One for my cousin from Edinburgh.
Second for myself:)
And third for ......... ?

Cycling down the hill was very dangerous.
Road was wet and in some places very foggy.

I would never take a road D521 again....

One more climb:)

Lost in the clouds. Ghost-town Les Reys.

Another ghost-town...

Second top done.

And now down to 600m and up again to 1200m :(

My last climb.
I was super tired. Like never before..........
Next 10km was the hardest ever.
I was making a stops for every 10 minutes to take a rest.

TRON style bike.

Since I had left Geneva I always look tired.
Think it's French air.

It's rain again....

Almost the top.

That was my personal record.
Three mountains for more than 1000m and one after another.

Tired I happy I started my long 14km descent to Grenoble.

Grenoble was much more larger than I expected.


In Grenoble I had stayed in Anne's house.
She lives in the student flat converted from the car garage.

R2-D2 and his friend Hoover...

Luke and Bertram.

Student bar of fire.

Some pictures of the cold and rainy Grenoble...
Btw this is 1st September.
Already Autumn :( So quick.... Noooooooooo

I liked the city.
Even weather was very bad that day.

I not sure if this is a Cathedral or Church.
I am a bad tourist:(


The Bastille is the name of a fortress culminating at 476 m (1,561ft) above sea level, at the south end of the Chartreuse mountain range, overlooking the city of Grenoble, France. The Bastille, which also gives its name to the hill, is the main tourist site of the Grenoble area with 600 000 (599 999 because of me:) visitors per year.
Because I was cold and lazy or....just lazy. I didn't went up to the top.
And anyway it's only at 476 m (1,561ft) above sea level. I already saw the city from the high point....

London's pub.
And a flag of London above.

That's all from Grenoble.....
Next day I cycled 126km to Lyon....


  1. Enjoying reading about your trip! Wish I was still on the road! My Europe trip seems ages ago now...and very distant from rainy England. I hope the rest goes well! All the best, James.

  2. Thank you, James:)
    I had a long break from cycling now in Lyon but Thursday continue my journey to Barcelona...