6 September 2012

Grenoble - Lyon (Road)

Was a time to leave Grenoble and cycle to Lyon....
Weather was clear...
I was clear too...

Last look at Grenoble.
I sure that the city looks much nice in a sunny days...
Ehh.... Goodbye Grenoble :(

Roadworks and the clouds.
That what the visitor can see outside the city...

I fully trusted my navigation this time.
I was hoping my "Garmin" will find a best and short way to the Lyon...
Well...I have to trust as I don't have a map.
Next time I will get myself a paper map...

Road from Grenoble to Lyon was boring and long.
Had to cycle through little towns and villages.
None of them is interesting for the tourists.

Ouh.. Yes... one more thing...
In France (where I was so far) there are no good cycle roads. Most of my time I had to cycle along the main roads. Some of them were busy with a traffic.
It reminded me my time in Britain.

First historical place.
Somebody famous lived here....
Many-many years ago.

Our days no one is living here...

How this could be a France?

This is even more confusing...

I don't know why everything looks so bad and abandoned in this region.

LADA Centre.
For the people who never heard about the LADA. LADA is a  great super car from Russia:)

Lada Kalina?

As I had said before most of the time I had to cycle along the main roads. I was very surprised whenI   finally saw a cycle lane.

It suddenly began 100mitres from the roundabout and as suddenly ended 100 mitres after.

Suburb area of Lyon.
Not a very touristic places.

Roads are bad.
People doesn't look very friendly.

This banner reminded me one of my favorite Swiss cities.

At one point I had decided ignore my navigation and took  a short cut.
As result I ended up on motorway.

Fortunately I quickly realized what I had done and was very lucky to find the safe way out.


My last part of the trip.
Long-long hill....

126 km done.
3626 in total.

In Lyon first two days I had stayed with a CouchSurfers Lucie and Sophie.
Then two days later had moved to my my friend flat where I staying now.

Later I will write another post about my time in Lyon.

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