24 September 2012


Lyon become one of my favourite city's I had visited during my trip.
And seems that a very talented and cultural people lives here.
Everywhere in streets of Lyon you can find a different level of   "rock art"   "Houses Decoration Art".

This is the beginners level.
From the school age kids getting a paint sprayer and going to the streets to improve their Art skills.

Lack of space in the buildings makes the younger generation of artists to train on pipes or bins.

Closer to the city centre the more meaningful becomes art.


And this is at the the top level of the wall paintings.
After numerous hours spent on the streets and in police stations of Lyon most talented artists are moving into the city center.

One of the artists. Bertram.  He works days and nights decorating houses in Lyon.

Kids who didn't get a graffity paint  from their parents having fun in another way.

Some pictures of Lyon.

The Cathedral.

The Basilica.

"Barbie" size Eiffel tower.

I <3 my new French hair style.

 Bugatti Veyron.

Very old funicular builded by Romans .

Picture is blurred to give aged effect.

Metro in Lyon is very clean...

Together with my hosts Lucie and Sophie we went to the couchsurfing meeting.
This is me and Lucie.``

Most famous place in Lyon.
Only place in France where you can order wireless chicken.

Central square.

Touristic map of Lyon..

This is the most expensive tourist map in the world.
Famous Leonardo Da Vinci painting had to be sacrificed to create this masterpiece.

Monument to somebody famous.

Défilé Biennale danse de Lyon 2012

French answer to Scottish bagpipes.

Impressed audiences.

At the center of the picture is Van. He is my very good friend and he hosted me at Lyon.

This is Dori from Hungary.
Together we made a pancakes desert.


 Suddenly Van found a bottle of tequila.

Better I be drinking a beer:)

At the Lyon I was spending a great time with my new friends but unfortunately I had spend almost all of my money. I had only 70 euros left.
I started looking for the job. One of the ideas was to try grapes picking at the wineyards. It was a perfect time to do this...
So next day after the one of the partys I took a train to Belleville little town 50 km North from the Lyon to try my luck.

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