7 October 2012

Narbonne, France

From the beautiful city Montpellier I had went to Narbonne which is 100 km down the coast.


First 15km from Montpellier I was cycling along the cycle road.

Road to Narbonne was quiet and safe but with a very boring surrounding landscapes.

54km pass.

Short break.

Wineries in Montblanc.

Beziers is one of the city's I was planing to stop for the night.
I glad I haven't done it....

City ​​looks poor and neglected.

The only beauty is a bridge through the river Orb.

The citizens of this small and proud town  wanted to rename the city to Peugeot lez Enserune but strong Japanese lobby and corruption still strong in France.

Donkey and the Horse.

After almost 7 hours of boring and dull road I had finally arrived in Narbonne.

Narbonne is very small and cool. I liked here:)

Tourists left this wonderful city a long time ago.


This is my second favourite wall in Narbonne.

And this is my favourite:) True.

The biggest vending machine I had ever seen.

In Narbonne I was hosted by Italian girl Micol (in red).
She works as a scientist  in Narbonne's research centre or I don't know how it called:)

This is the most popular bar.
Name not remember......

We went there to meet with Micol's friends who are also the scientists.
Serious scientists:)

Very interesting people visiting this place:)

In Narbonne I had a great time and again met incredible people who were always tried to help me and this is the main reason why I liked here so much:)

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