6 October 2012

Valence - Montpellier

My original plan included a visit Avignon and then Montpellier but because I could't find someone who can host in Avignon I had decided skip this city and cycle straight to Montpellier.
From the Valence to Montpellier is more then 200 km. 
For me it's 2 days travel.

In Avignon I bought a new battery for my bicycle computer and again I could see my speed and distance.
Now it's more complicated. 2467+1240+100=54864357754578km? Something is wrong!!
I need calculator....
Ok, it's 3807km :) 

First 2-3 kilometers I was cycling along the river.

Then I cycled 2km through the forest.

And the rest of the time I was cycling along the roads like this.

Mistake. Missing letter!

This part of France is very beautiful.

Clouds production in progress...

I had stopped at "Netto" to buy some food. At the checkouts I have been asked to open my "Camelbak" for the security check. The security officer was laughing when he saw that my backpack contain only water.

2552+1340*=3892km                 *1240+100=1340

Was getting darker and I started looking for the place to stay over night.
I found this abandoned house but inside was very dirty and scary so I left it.

Later I found another abandoned house and pitch my tent by the house in the garden.

Night was a bit cold :)

Morning view from the tent.

So at my first day I done 101km. One kilometre more as I planed before! Amazing!

"I was sleeping here".

Another village.
"I was cycling here".

I am old!
I am super-old!
Happy Birthday Alexander!!!!

4 km of danger and fear.

Road cafe.


Check point.


Amazing road.

Bridge through the river.


Road was extremely good.

But sometimes not wide enough.

Large city approx.50 km to Motpelier.

I didn't like here.
Bad roads and heavy traffic.

Montpellier 42km.
This was the most longest and dangerous 40km during all my trip.
I was a bit tired and decided to cycle along the National road N?(not remember).
Road was very boring with very intense traffic.

This road sign with a chair attached means that you can buy some "love" here.

IBM in Montpellier.

Montpellier got most beautiful trams I had ever seen.

Amazing bicycle road.


Human friendly graffiti.

Happy tram.

Montpellier is Amazing!

In Montpellier I had stayed with Sofia. She is a student from Sweden who came here to study French language.


Wall decoration.

Beer bicycle.

Police on bicycles.

Love and bicycles.

Angry Post.

One of the Ludovic's or Louis's.
.....One of the kings.

Old bridge aka Saint Clément Aqueduct.

Botanical garden.


Opera house.


Snack shop.

Caroline from Sweden:)

Picnic with Sofia, Caroline and their friends from Mexico.

At the end of the day Sofia and Caroline made me a big surprise and gave me a birthday cake.
It was unexpected gift and I very appreciate it. Thank you very much for that;)

Now I am officially 30!

And the candles. They are magical;)

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  1. Looks like you're still having an awesome time! I remember coming across an old abandoned farm shed on the final night of my trip, in the south of Italy. I seriously contemplated stopping there but decided it was too spooky and dusty!