12 October 2012

New stage of my "Olivetrip" project...

So as you all know I was planing to get to Barcelona by the end of the week cycling from the Perpignan and make a stops in Figueres and in  Girona. But my plans suddenly changes as I found something else.

As I had mentioned on my website www.olivetrip.info that during my trip I was wanted to "Be involved in social and charity projects, helping people by doing volunteer work" before I will reach Barcelona.

And I found one place where my help is required. This my chance to makes my olivetrip project be successfully finished by 124%. Great! I so happy!!! :) 

Now about the project:
This is a abandoned for many-many years farm house somewhere in Spanish Perynees mountains not fair from the Figueres.

The idea is to restore this farm house and area around the house to to its original purpose - to be a habitable self-sufficient farm.
Later when this place will suitable for living and growing they own products like a meat and vegetables it will be converted to the rehabilitation centre for people affected by violence and with drug problems.
This is the early stage of this project and the first renovation jobs just been started 3 weeks ago and the target is to finish everything by the end of the next summer. 
This great project is running by volunteers with a surprisingly small budget. So we all have to find the way how to raise more money and make it happen.
I really like this idea and this is why I had decided to join the project and postpone my arrival to Barcelona.

So...from now and until I'l be a part of this project I will be posting our progress. 
The only problem is I don't have a good internet connection at home. Actually there is no internet connection  at all. So I have to sit in the bar with a free WiFi and drink a "SanMiguel", and believe me, this is not the best beer in the world.
This is why I here. Think I had made a good decision by staying here for some time:) And this place is amaaaaaaaazing. Mountains, forest and beautiful river.
View from the house.

Later I'll write what works in the house are needed to be done and I also will show you what I done and what I had destroyed. Yes, Destroyed. Unfortunately I not only helping to restore this place I had also damaged something....As always my stay in any place associated with breakage and destruction . I'll write about that too.

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