14 October 2012

The way to "Olive Tree house".

Ok. This is my 5th day in this farm house. And I named this house “Olive Tree House”. And you know why? Because it’s a olive trees around the house.

How did I get here?
Well. This is a story....All started Many, many years ago, in a kingdom by the sea. No! Sorry, wrong fairytale....
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.... Yes, this is a right one:)
I had left very nice city in France called Perpignan early morning and was heading south to the Spain. My plan was to get to Figueres? then cycle to Girona and reach Barcelona by Thursday or Friday. 

My bicycle was set. I was ready to cross Pyrenees Mountains to get in to Spain.

Computer was showing 2873+1340km  and I was taking direction to Barcelona.
I had stopped in the shop to by some food. All this is around 10 euro.
Some people still thinking what Statue of Liberty is in New York. Wrong. The real one is in France.

This is the most amazing cycle route in all France. 

I was very happy that day.
View to Pyrenees. Behind them is Spain.

This sign looks like a nuclear blow....

Soon I had reached the mountains.
I was ready to conquer any peaks to get to Spain.
Pyrenees are awesome. Even it was very hard to climb at some places.

I haven't noticed where I had crossed the border. Where was no sign just suddenly all the signs become in Spanish.

Anyway I was very proud of myself by goes so far. Finally I was in Spain:)
I have no idea what is mean...

I was cycling and cycling enjoying the views and suddenly saw a olive trees.

I was very happy and started making pictures. As my trip called “Olivetrip” it had to be an olive on my way. Then I saw a big house and a people around. They wave me and I decided to come to them and have a chat. 

Very big house:))

That’s how I met Karmic and Sylvia. 
They are told me what they are doing. I liked the idea. And decided to stay and help.
Sounds like fairytale. All my trip is a big fairytale….
So here I am now. Doing a good thing for the people I don’t know. And I very-very happy….

12 October 2012

New stage of my "Olivetrip" project...

So as you all know I was planing to get to Barcelona by the end of the week cycling from the Perpignan and make a stops in Figueres and in  Girona. But my plans suddenly changes as I found something else.

As I had mentioned on my website www.olivetrip.info that during my trip I was wanted to "Be involved in social and charity projects, helping people by doing volunteer work" before I will reach Barcelona.

And I found one place where my help is required. This my chance to makes my olivetrip project be successfully finished by 124%. Great! I so happy!!! :) 

Now about the project:
This is a abandoned for many-many years farm house somewhere in Spanish Perynees mountains not fair from the Figueres.

The idea is to restore this farm house and area around the house to to its original purpose - to be a habitable self-sufficient farm.
Later when this place will suitable for living and growing they own products like a meat and vegetables it will be converted to the rehabilitation centre for people affected by violence and with drug problems.
This is the early stage of this project and the first renovation jobs just been started 3 weeks ago and the target is to finish everything by the end of the next summer. 
This great project is running by volunteers with a surprisingly small budget. So we all have to find the way how to raise more money and make it happen.
I really like this idea and this is why I had decided to join the project and postpone my arrival to Barcelona.

So...from now and until I'l be a part of this project I will be posting our progress. 
The only problem is I don't have a good internet connection at home. Actually there is no internet connection  at all. So I have to sit in the bar with a free WiFi and drink a "SanMiguel", and believe me, this is not the best beer in the world.
This is why I here. Think I had made a good decision by staying here for some time:) And this place is amaaaaaaaazing. Mountains, forest and beautiful river.
View from the house.

Later I'll write what works in the house are needed to be done and I also will show you what I done and what I had destroyed. Yes, Destroyed. Unfortunately I not only helping to restore this place I had also damaged something....As always my stay in any place associated with breakage and destruction . I'll write about that too.

11 October 2012

Perpignan, France

Road from Narbonne to Perpignan was the most beautiful road I cycling in France.

I had to cycle around 70 km that day.
Sky was a bit grey but it was warm and no wind.  And seems that a day had to be easy...

Narbonne stays in my memory as a friendly and welcoming town. I will come back here one day.

Micol suggested to me start cycling along the lake as it's very beautiful and also known as a habitats of flamingoes.
On my way to the lake I had met an old couple from Canada they were here because of the flamingoes but were a bit disappointed by not seeing them.
But I was confident That I will be more lucky than them....

Cycling along the lake I was thinking that it would be good to see flamingos as I had never saw them in a wild.

I had passed little fisherman village called Djalboun.
Couple of boats and nothing more.

Then when I was cycling between the two lakes I saw a flock of  flying flamingoes.
They wasn't too far from me but with my camera I could't make a better picture.
So they are somewhere in the right corner of this picture.

You see me happy because I just saw them...

I also noticed that they are landed somewhere in a lake behind the hill. So I went to see where...

Here they are... white(pink) lane at the edge of the lake... Flamingos!
I saw them live and was happy to continue my journey..

Oouhh...better picture...

Anyway..I was happy but hungry.
Hungry because missed the shop and had no any food with me......apart from one little sandwich:(

At this little town I haven't found a supermarket.At this little town I haven't found a supermarket.

Restaurant I had found was to expensive for me..
Anyway I had look around trying to find something interesting.

And I found.
This is my favourite wall decoration...I had never seen anything better.

Appart from this wall decoration in this city there is nothing to see.

Not the safest part of my way to Perpignan.

Fortunately dangerous part of the way was the only 4km long and soon road changed to better side.
Actually this was my favorite road during all my trip. Peaceful, quiet with a great views and almost no cars..
Just perfect..

Vineyards in very beautiful place.

Almost as high as Alps.

Not remember which direction I went.

There in the distance you can see the Mediterranean Sea.

Unremarkable village.


Finally Perpignan.

Iron Mens are deeply stuck.....

First sign to Barcelona:)

Perpignan is...... Ok.
Montpelier probably is better.. and bigger.

In Perpignan I was living with a girls from America who are working as the English language teachers.

Emina (in the centre) invited me to her place and introduced me to her friends Gretchen and Shae.

Later we had a big party with other teachers:)

Next day morning or it was afternoon? Then doesn't matter.. I had made a walk around Perpignan and visited the most famous places like..... Like castle and chirch, plus I made some pictures of the Perpignan's streets..

City beautiful but dirty.

Everywhere are strange inscriptions...

Only here I had  learned that Perpignan is Catalonia.

This is Abi.
She agreed to show me the city
Thank you very much for the tour;)

Unknown symbol at the wall.

Well camouflaged vending machines.

The castle under restoration, so there is  nothing to do here...

Last photo for the memory...

Ok, another one and enough.

After the castle went to wander around the city...

Fuk Yo?
The owner of the shop needs some English language courses. Fortunately for him I know someone who can help him.

Ok....This is my last post about my trip in France...
Next day I went to Spain and Barcelona is the only a few days of cycling:)
But! Something happened on my way there... Something why I still not there...
I stuck somewhere in Pyrenees near Figueres.

I will tell you about it later.....