24 June 2012

Day 4. New Castle

It was a relaxing recovery day at New Castle.
I decided to replace my old tire especially after I saw that my bicycle front tyre is flat again. Five punctures in 170 miles:(

This time it was not a glass or carpet nail but a flower:)

I walked all the way to "Edinburgh Bicycle" cycle shop at New Castle where I bought a set of  brand  new Specialized touring tyres for my bike. With these new tyres I hoped to cycle puncture free all the way to Barcelona.

My new tyre glow in the dark

Walking along the New Castle under the strong rain wasn't the most exiting time I've spent in my journey. I was here 2 years ago and the only interesting places here are the bridges. Quick look at them refreshed my memory's and I decided that enough  being a tourist I need to do something else...

So I went back home where Liz and Paul cooked a delicious meal for me. Sausages and mash.

I'm so glad that I met both of them during my time at New Castle. I hope that I will get a chance to spend more time with them in the future and they are also very welcome at my coffee shop after I will open one in London.



My next destination was York. To get there I had to cycle over 100 miles. That was supposed to be a two days trip, but I still haven't planned my route and also had no place to stay for the next night and for two days. But I wanted to visit York. Later that evening I quickly sent some requests to couchsurfers at York and Darlington hoping that someone replies and I won't need to sleep next three nights in a tent. I decided to plan my cycle route tomorrow and in the good mood went to bed:)))

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