25 June 2012

Day 6.

Day started great and finished even better....

My bike clock showed 237 miles when I started another day

Road was going along A167 I had to pass a couple of towns. One of them is Northhallerton.

There are some pubs here

a church

and Sainsbury's
all that the tourists need

Also this place is very famous for a battle that happened here some time ago. England VS Scotland

1:0 to England:(                                                                                                   wiki link for a history lovers

After a short history lesson I continued cycling until I saw a pub in a small town called Sandhutton. I was hungry and decided stay here for a breakfast.

This is Raymond the pub owner

His wife Lesley

and their son/chef/cyclist Alex

 morning coffee:)

calories :)))))))))))))

These awesome pictures were hanging in the toilet.

weather was great

rain and wind was keeping me fresh

At Bishop Monkton giant apples used as banners

 Trees grow only  halfway

or on top of the bridges

and of course my friends - cows were happy to see me

Like It!

A Lonely horse

Some time later I reached Harrogate. I was lost here and had to cycle extra miles trying to find a road going to Bradford where my friends were waiting for me and having BBQ. So I had extra motivation to get there quicker.Soon my troubles began. First bolt holding my racks with panniers broke.

I had used all my fixing skills.

Great Job!

I had to cycle only 12 miles to reach Bradford when I had a puncture (Number 6). Repair job under the rain took me 15-20 min. I was all soaked and tired and I started loosing my patience. As result when trying to fix a tyre I punctured new tube while replacing the old one. I noticed it 10 minutes later when my tyre went flat again:(

I could see Bradford Airport. I was close. I didn't want to unload the bike again to replace the puncture so I pumped up the wheel  and continued cycling. I had another 8 miles to cycle but it was the longest and hardest miles I've done.

I had to stop every 10 minutes to pump my wheel. Bradford is the worst city for cycling. Hills were killing me a few times I had to get out of my bike and walk uphill. I also used my phone as a navigator to find my friends house, but at first it took me to the motorway, then I changed settings for walking and my phone brought me to the farm road.

And then through narrow and muddy path:)

And again I went through all difficulties and obstacles and reached my destination:)

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  1. Happy to see that your dream is real, you are traveling a lot with your bike, as you told us. Good luck Alex!