21 June 2012

Olivetrip Day 1

It was a nice sunny day when when my Olivetrip starts

My "Barcelona" bike was set and I have loads of energy to cycle all the way to Spain without any stops.
But suddenly I changed my mind and stop at Sainburys to say goodbye to my friends and workmates 

Then I stop at cafe where my lovely cousin Aga work and she made me my favourite late and poached eggs for breakfast.

After having a breakfast and saying goodbye to Aga I bravely cycle trough Edinburgh heavy traffic roads until reach Musselburgh. Here I had 5 min break and was looking forward to cycle another 70 miles to reach    
Berwick. That was my plan:) 

I was cycling throw beautiful  little towns
Then I seen a perfect place for my lunch it was wild beach only 20 miles away from Edinburgh

Here I met cyclist Dave who live in the little town nearby. Hi told me that I never remember a town name and hi was right :)

Soon after that I had my first puncture. Thanks to the puncture prepare kit given to me by my Sainsburys friends this problem was solved in 15minutes

and I continue  my journey 
road was turning left and right miles after miles

at some point even went upside down

 Then I seen frogs lake

frogs was taking jacuzzi bath but then they see me approaching with a camera they run away:( 
Maybe I will "photoshop" frogs  to this picture later....

There was a beautyfull landscapes on my route 

I was using N76 National Cycle route

 I was enjoying nature and clean fresh air

 map I was using was very small... 

but it takes me throw amazing places

And finally I reach Scottish Border

That's  how the border look:)

Crossing the border was very exhausting  and I start looking for a place to stay over night

finally I found a perfect spot
I set my tent... 
 and cook a meal
 It was a time to sleep

At my first day I done only 55miles. Was tired but happy I was hoping that my next day will be easy and route will be downhill only... 
I was so wrong.......................

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