25 June 2012

Day 5. Somewhere, somewhere.....

Healthy breakfast gave me a lot of energy for my next day's trip. After a quick look at the map and a few advises how to find the way out of New Castle from Paul and Liz I was ready for the long day of cycling. Of course I forgot everything they told me and 20 minutes later I was cycling uphill in the wrong direction.

After 40 minutes and 4 extra miles I was lucky to find my way out 

I was following direction to Durham and expecting to see a beautiful city.

From the long distance this town was looking great

A closer look just confirmed it

 Cheerful  man with accordion entertained the public

I'am lovin'it

I'am lovin'it more:)

Great Latte made me very happy and I was ready to continue my olivetrip

Now I understand why not many people are going to New Castle. They're all going to Durham and I wish I could stay longer...Love this place....Need's to be visited again...

Ok. Next town on my way Darlington. Road to this place was boring and rainy

I even had to stop beside the main road for the quick lunch as I couldn't find any better spots

This is Durham. Can't say nothing interesting about this town. Don't go there..... boring....

I was very pleased to finally leave Durham behind.

countryside house was the only attraction

Sainsbury's selling the trees at the local forest. This day they were on offer for only £0.99 per kilo.

Weather was very bad. It was raining all day and also there were some very strong wind's. I was exhausted and still had no idea where I'm gonna stay overnight. Clock showed 5pm and I wanted to cycle for at least two more hours but strong wind changed my mind. Cycling along busy road became dangerous. I began to look for the place to set my tent.

I was passing farm houses and I came up with an idea to ask people to stay at there barn or shelter cause wind was getting stronger and black clouds didn't promise anything good.

Few hundreds miles  meters later I stopped next to one farm house and decided to try my luck and ask if I can stay there.

I was very lucky that Marry owner of the farm allowed me to stay there for £5. For that money I could set my tent, use the kitchen at the barn and also use a shower, I was so happy that I could stay here and wait for the storm to pass.

My new tent mate-cat. His/Her name is Cat

 Inside the barn was a comfy couch 

and a little kitchen

Weather outside was bad and the internet inside was the same....slow

Outstanding view from my tent

better inside:)
 By the way I have decided to change my route and not go to York. Hmmmm. No one is waiting for me there...My new plan is Bradford or Wakefield, I've got some good friends at both of these towns.

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