24 July 2012

Belgium, Gent

Morning tea with a mint KitKat at Holland. 
My plan was cycle more than 100km to Heist-op-den-Berg.

Last quick look at the sky. No sun for today :(

767 miles since I have left Edinburgh.

Dutch cows.

Speed bump.

At some point I had decided set my computers clocks to the right time and changed miles to kilometres for a easy use. I press something wrong and reset my bicycle computer. Oupss. 
There were 770miles before. 
770 miles = 1 239.19488 kilometres (according by Google). 1240 kilometres ( according by me).

At the little Dutch village I stopped at the local shop and bought two postcards. One for my mum. Another for my cosine at Edinburgh.

This is Marina the shop owner. She offered to me a free coffee.

  My first kilometre:)

Belgium again:)

I Like Latvia.

 Following arrows.

Sky was getting darker.

8 km + 1 239.19488 km = ?

"No smoking" monument.

Soon heavy rain has started and I had to put my waterproofs:(

Remembered Britain.

Wish tomorrow will be a better weather.

Rain was very strong and I had to hide from it inside the garage. Where was no workers inside only some other people hiding from rain.

Wet bicycle.

After the rain I continued my journey on the wet streets of Belgium.

And I met another cycling tourist Mark who was coming back home from his journey at France. He told me that I must visit a Gent. This city only 15km away and the famous Gent Festival happening there. He also recomend me to stay at Blaarmeersen camping site wich is less than 3 km from the city centre.
As always I had a master plan cycle a lot and been somewhere by the end of the day. And as always my plan suddenly changed.

Now was I cycling to Gent :)

New part of Gent.

Famous robo-rower.

Confused bridge.

Blaarmeersen camping. Expencive 10.25 euro, but with a shower. No free WiFi. At the end I also had to pay penalty 2.50 euro for loosing my badge. But anyway here was cool :)))

Someone had a party.

My very loud neighbours.

I left all my stuff inside my tent only took my netbook and passport and cycle to the centre of the city to see what is going on.

I locked my bike and with a good mood went to see some historical beauties.

Old style dressed sailors rowed authentic 17 century plastic boats.

City is very old and very beautiful.

Festival podium. Nothing started yet.

 Entrance to the castle was closed because of some events were inside.

Fish shop. Maybe.

Local Mafia protects the musician.

Starbucks is more expensive than in UK.

The other side of the city.

Some pictures with no comments.


- No photos!

Living statue expelled from its place. Statue is unhappy!

 Later evening the party started.

 At night time Gent looks even better.

 Local "David Guetta" entertained the public.

And the public Like It.

My last picture I made at Gent that evening, or it was already a night?


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