31 July 2012

Breda to Amsterdam. Part 2

Early morning the owner of the camping came to and gave me this key ring as a reminder I was at this place. I have attached to the one of panniers.

Set and ready to go.

Weather was fine. Warm but with a grey sky.

Few kilometres later I have arrived to Grave.
I still to young for this place.

Without thinking twice I have decided not stay here for a long.

I noticed later that Grave is a important historical place.

Then I crossed this bridge.

And arrived to Alverna.

Place with one mill.

and McDonalds.

Then crossed another bridge.

Later another.

And I founded myself at this place that remind me one place at Scotland.

Then it was a very long straight road with a very beautiful landscapes and houses by the sides.

Unknown construction.

I was racing this girl on the bike.

 But she was to fast for me.

I think it's all because I have so many hairs. They are really slowing me down.

 I had to take a ferry to cross the river.

It costed me 0.75 cents.

On the other side of the river I went to the Aldi store and bought some food for my dinner.

After having my dinner I cycled another 3km and had another stop. Don't know why but I was very tired that day.

Bench from Rotterdam.

I was so tired that I started seeing strange things.

And I started looking for the place to stop for a night.

Bicycles rack next to the shoe shop.

There are was two camping places not far from this town but they were big and expensive. 

Later I have met Peter. He was cycling to his friends to play darts. He recommended to me stay at one camping near by. Also he told me a lot how to use my Garmin navigation and what maps better to use for touring. 

So now I had a new direction to my another one night house.

Meanwhile weather was getting very crazy.

And soon very heavy rain started. I was trying hide behind the tree but it doesn't help much.

Can't see the rain on this picture. Just believe me rain was very strong.

After weather come done a bit I had cycle for another 2 km and finally found camping.

This was completely opposite place than I stayed night before.
Here I met Berd the guy at the left and his cousins. Again forgot the names.

 Some little party were happened.

And it wasn't boring at all.

It was a late night when I went to my tent.
Next day I had to be at Amsterdam.

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