26 July 2012

Gent to Heist-op-den-Berg

It was early morning. 10 or maybe 11am. While the all normal people were still asleep, I gathered my stuff and went for a long journey to the unknown to me town Heist-op-den-Berg.

My Garmin promised to me find the quickest and safest way. And my cycle computer showed 58 + 1 239.19488 missed kilometres.

Kids playground at Gent.

Train station at Gent.

And a cycle route at Gent.

Tram at G......t.

This is not at Gent.

But that how the snowflakes looks at all Belgium.

Some places along my way.

The pilgrims walking here.

Looks like this is the poor part of Belgium.

No cows :(

Because of the petrol prices some people had to shift from their cars to the horses. It's green and no petrol required.

 Soon the poor part of Belgium is suddenly finished and again good road and happy animals:)

 Very famous "Roundabout Brewery" producing famous "Stella Artois" beer.

Hmm. Missing letter or letter required?

Bread 24/7

Don't know what in this sign mean.

Recharging my Garmin GPS.

Military planes are stuck in the wires.

Peaceful landscape.

1 million girls on bicycles.

Cycle lanes are everywhere. I love Belgium!

Bull head shaped power lane.

Christmas tree shaped power lane.

Bridge through the river.

Oh, this is canal.

Very big one.

Lonely rower.

Forgot the city name.

Even at Belgium sun is rare and exotic.

Upside down picture of me:)

Some other roads.

Little but very nice town. I have been told later that this place is has to be visited because of the history and famous brewery. Unfortunaly I didn't know anything about this town that time and just cycle through.

Another one:) This time tomatoes. If I would bought a bread before than I could make myself a sandwich.   

Free jacuzzi.

Just a picture of crane.

Typical door size at Belgium.

Old car unknowing model, from USA.

160 km.
How many was in the morning?

Almost at Heist-op-den-Berg.

At Heist I had stayed at Gelenn's house. He and his girlfriend Elka (still confused how to pronounce her name in a correct way) host me for a four days.
These are them. My new Belgium Friends. (this picture was made later at Brugge).

Soon as I came they are ordered me a pizza and offered Belgium beer. Not a "Stella". Another one. They are also introduce me to their friends and later we went to the bar for the Belgium beer tasting:)

Seuzeke :D

Unshaven guy on the right is me, blond is Glenn, then Tijs Van den Broeck aka Tess or Tezz, and the one with a bottle I forgot:)

Traditional Belgium dance on the table.

And this was the most famous beer shop around the all Belgium with more than 100 different sorts of Belgium's beer. Unfortunately shop has burned long time ago.
But the legend about the shop is still alive!

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