22 July 2012

London - Dover

I had spent a very good time at London. With a good spirit and full of energy I was looking forward cycle to Dover and finally leave England.

My friends came to say goodbye to me.

Not everybody wanted to be at my blog. Sorry Inessa:)))

I left London at 3pm and was planing to cycle 30-40 miles that day.

I was using my new Garmin to find the way from London. Navigation working great! I love it. So much better than cycling with a map.
By the way. I don't have any maps:)

Passing  London Biggin Hill Aiport

Little brother of Airbus 380.

Little vilage
My navigation was taking me through the countryside roads avoiding motorways and busy roads. First time I was enjoying cycling at unknown place.

Sometime later I stopped for a little break.

I was very surprised how hilly were the roads are. I was expecting mostly flat roads near London but in some places hills where so steep I had to walk along with my bike.

There are wasn't many interesting places o my way that day and I started making a pictures of interesting and a beautiful houses.

This is Matt. Owner of the house above. He was very surprised when seen me making a pictures of his own house so I had to explain him about my trip :) He is a very friendly guy who suggest me to stay for a camping at the caravan park near by.

At the caravan park I met  Gary and his wife (forgot her name). Sorry:( They allows me to set my tent for free. They also were extremaly kind to me and at the next morning gave me a bag with sandwiches fruits and chocolate.

This is my new tent witch is slightly bigger and more comfortable than previous.

Next morning I had to cycle another 60 miles to Dover and catch a ferry to France.

Another house with a cool roof.

Another historical spot where I had my breakfast.

So many signs I glad I have my Garmin:)

No more motorways:)

Now I know where to buy them.

This is Lenham. Little village where I stopped for my last English Latte.

Not as good as at Burcghardt's caffe at Edinburgh.

Probably Not:)


This is Maria she had a problem with a breaks on her bike and I helped her to fix it. She told me that she and another 30 people doing charity cycle trip from London to Paris. She also cycled to Dover to catch a ferry to Calais. So we cycle together for some time.

Roads were very hilly. Sometimes we had to walk up the hills with a bikes. Roads were the same as at Scotland.

Sometimes we had to cycle through the flooded roads.

Maria told me that I can follow the yellow arrows to get to Dover. I was happy to switch off my navigation to save the battery as I had no idea when I get another chance to recharge it.

Roads were going through the beautiful little villages.

 And a fields. Here I said goodbye to Maria and had my lunch. Last lunch at England:))) I was very-very close to Dover.

 And finally Dover my last stop at Britain.

Weather wasn't very good. It was raining at Dover and I haven't made many pictures. But I noticed that the city is very beautiful and I definitely come back to Dover again.

I bought a ticket from Dover to Dunkirk for £20

Best custom at the world this is the French box and 5 meters further is British . No one even checked my passport:)

 This was my waiting lane before loading to the ferry.

Almost empty.

Later I met two other cyclists. Ben and John. This guys were cycling from London to Amsterdam for a short city break. Aha! :D

John tired and sleeping.

Two hours later we were at France.

Unloading time.

 Other two girls on right are from Holland.

Port at Dunkirk. France!!!! :))

We arrived to Dunkirk at 10pm and started looking for the place to stay over night. John went to ask receptionist at the hotel where we can find a camping site. None of us speaking French and the women at the reception doesn't know any English.

Fortunately Ben found one very good camping site near by. And using his smart phone as a map (my Garmin was nearly dead by that time) we finally found the place to stay over night.

Only 5 euro for a night with a free shower. Great place to stay.

French fries from England back to the France.

P.s. I am at Belgium at the moment and having a very good time with my new friends. So many things has happened for the last few days and I don't have a time write everything in to my blog. I will try to keep it updated as soon as I get a time for it ;)

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  1. Small english villages are really beautifful! =)) Great trip man! =))