24 July 2012

France - Belgium

This is my first very small French breakfast at Camping Delalicorne near Dunkirk.

Hungry John and Ben were ready to cycle more than 100 miles to get close as possible to Amsterdam. My destination was Brugge less than 50 miles from our camp site.

Together we planed cycle to the Brugge.

We cycle less than 10 miles and already were at Belgium.

Little stop at petrol station just 20 mitres from the Belgium - French border.

Ben and John were cycling to fast for me and were using main roads to get to Amsterdam quicker. And some time later we decided I gonna cycle on my own an I turn in to the little town De Panne next to the sea side.

Roads at Belgium and France are so much better than at Britain. They are very smooth, flat with special cycle lanes.

 Military graveyard.

Watering cans with locks from supermarket trolleys.

 Hemps as a mushrooms.

 Hungry tree chewed sign.


Musical lampposts are everywhere.

Here I bought power adaptor from British plug to European and paid many euros :((
Next time I will be more prepared and buy everythin at the Pound shop.

Beautiful road to the sea.

Weather was warm but windy.

Cycle routes are very wide.
Dog monument next to the abandoned house. Never understood why he was here.

 Special traffic light for cyclists.

Every bridge were decorated with a flowers.

Belgium is just beautiful. I so glad I here.

 Cycling was so easy. I had cycle for 25 miles and haven't got tired great roads, no traffic and weather everything was perfect.

 I was racing with a tram. Tram has won.


Happy cows.

 Canal route to Brugge.

I somewhere here.

 People at this house love Scotland.

 Almost Bruge.

Brugge :)

Gates to the old Town.


Statues of the fountain are envy to my bike. 

 Good luck Brugge.
 So true.

This guys are from Switzerland and they are travelling around Europe by car.

Bicycle parking.

Salvador Dali?

Probably Not.

This day I haven't done many pictures of Brugge. I couldn't leave my bicycle with all the bags somewhere on the street and walk browsing the city. So I found spot with a free WiFi and reply important emails. I also checked my couchsurfers account and noticed that Glenn from Heist op den Berg accepted my request and I can come and stay at his place. That was a good news.
Heist op den Berg was more then 100 km from the Brugge and I decided cycle there next day. Still had to find a place to stay at this night and I checked my Garmin for nearest camping palaces. I found one 12 km outside of Brugge.

I had cycle pass some little villages .

I chosen left road.

I was cycling at Belgium enjoying nature and views and somehow found myself at Holland. How?

I checked my navigation and noticed that the camping site is on the Holland territory. That was a big surprise for me. I should buy a proper paper map one day:)

I haven't done many miles that day but already visited three countries and cross two borders.

Polderzicht camping.
One of the best camping I stayed so fair. Paid 8 euro (asked for a little discount) with free WiFi. Met great people here and spend a very good time.

My shadow at Holland.

Cooking my dinner.

This was one of the best days since I have left Edinburgh. I was very happy. But still many good things happened to me at Belgium :)
I also came back to Brugge again. Ok, I will write about it later.


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