4 July 2012


From Sheffield I was cycling to Dronsfield beautiful little village 10 miles outside of Sheffield.

Dronsfield is famous by his extra large flowerpots.

And a half raised flag should remind to everyone that England is not playing at football final this year.

At this very strange town my friends live.

Early morning next day Christina made me a lovely breakfast.

While I was eating breakfast my other friend Alex was preparing my bike for the long journey. He got up from his bed at 5.30 in the morning to make sure I gonna leave his house without any delays. 

But his brother Vadim decided sabotage my trip and used massive bolt cutter to cut spokes on my bike.

I had to stay here for another day:)

It was a big day! Sunday first of July! European football final. Italy vs Spain!

And I missed it sitting in the Chinese restaurant together with my friend German

Next Day I was finally ready to go. My plan was cycle throw Nottingham or Derby? to reach Oxford by Wednesday or Thursday. I also swap my cycle helmet for something more confortable and warm. Russian army hat.

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