9 July 2012

Nottingham - Oxford (London)

This day I decided to make impossible and cycle more than 100 miles to get to Oxford. To make sure that I not gonna lost again while trying to find the way out of Nottingham I cheated a bit and took a train from Nottingham central station to Loughborough. That save me loads of time and reduce my route by 15 miles. The biggest advantage was that national cycle route N6 was going through this little town.

Following cycle route N6 in the less than an hour I reached Leicester

Very cyclists friendly city

Here I visited local market where bought pack of sweet strawberry's and two juicy mangos for the less than £2.

Than I quickly browse around the city to make some pictures as I won't waste any time and get to Oxford by the late evening. There was no special reason of my hurry as I told to couchsurfer Joss who promise to host me at Oxford that my arrival date will be Wednesday or Thursday. Still I wanted get to Oxford as soon as possible.

Looks like Leicester is sports orienteering city

With a live music at every corner

Leicester's designers ruined beautiful fountain with cheep Olympic flags.

Like It

After spending 48 minutes discovering Leicester beauties I decided to continue cycling to Oxford.

through cyclists friendly streets of Leicester

I passed little town Blaby

AtBlaby I meet very qurius man who was very interested what I am doing here. I found out that he is also like travelling. Think his name was Stephen.

After a little chat with Stephen I continue my journey.

And soon I reached a cycle routes junction. From here I had to take cycle route N50 that goes to Oxford.

Ashby Magna. Just another little town on my way.

with only one beautiful house

protected by a dog

And a church

protected by a Smart Water.

Weather that day was very promising.

My loyal friends cows always happy to see me

Soon I discovered another historical place

At Stanford on Avon

This is Kings Charles Bridge.

This is the smallest bridge I have ever seen.

I have seen lots of very beautiful thatched houses.


Some of them looks like a big mushrooms.

Another church. Not that much protected as previous.

I was cycling and cycling. Weather was cloudy but without heavy rains.

Some time later I reached abandoned town. With no name....

Were was almost  no people on the streets

I was the only tourist

But because the only one coffee shop was closed I haven't stayed here for long.

I was cycling all day and started filling tired. I noticed that I will not geting to Oxford by the end of the day. So I started looking for the place I can put my tent on.

I was looking for the caravan parks or farm houses or the fields with a high ground. Any good places for camping. But that wasn't very easy to find.


Some time later I found the spot. It was a field next to the cycle route separated from the road by the hedge.

It was a good location for camping. I was very happy. But not for the long.

I noticed that this field located in a valley and ground is very wet. Also I notices that clouds at he sky was getting darker and soon will be a storm. I had to hurry up to find a better place or set my tent here and see what is gonna happened later. I decided to try my luck and find a better place. Soon as leave this field a very heavy rain starts. It was one of the strongest's rains with a lightnings I ever seen. In less than 5 minutes I was fully wet and had no place to go.

Cycling under the heavy rain soon I saw cyclists trying hide from the rain under the tree. I cycle to them and ask maybe they know any camping site or farm house where I can stay for over night.

Fortunately for me before the rain starts they was heading to the pub and the pub owner has a farm and a guest house so he may be able to help me. I was very happy and fill so lucky that I met this guys.

Some time late we where at the pub where I met the other guys from there group. They bought me a hot coffee and I had a chat wit them. I told them that I cycling to Barcelona and looks like they was very impressed by that. I was very lucky I met this guys. They are told me about there hobby's witch no only cycling under the rain, canoeing on rivers and going on boat around the coast. They are also collecting rare cars and motorcycles.
One of them Paul offer me to stay at his house and also show me his new car he bought just 3 weeks ago.

This new McLaren MP4

and this was my bedroom:)
 with a perfect view

Paul and his lovely wife Catherine both working at their own company Pro-Aling. They are the one of the most interesting people I met during my trip so far. Paul has told me a story how they established there business and builded this magnificent house. His story defiantly inspire me to finish my Olivetrip and later open my own business which is probably will be a my own Coffee Shop. They are also planing to make a big trip this summer from England to Italy on their new super car. I wish them good luck with everything they are doing and really hope that I meet them again.
Next day after good night sleep at Paul's house I was ready continues cycling to Oxford. I was less than 30 miles to Oxford and was planing get there by the afternoon. Having loads of time I have decided change my route a bit and cycle trough Silverstone which was only 3 miles away from Greens Norton.
Weather this day was great completely opposed a day before and I was cycling to Oxford.

I had to break hard

as I nearly pass this super-famous sign:)

I was following the road to the race track

And soon I seen it

I had no ticket so I tried make some spy photos hoping to see any F1 drivers or their  F1 cars

I was so surprised when red bolid pass me at abnormal speed. I don't know much about F1 but I sure it was red Ferrari witch is being piloted by F1 drivers Felipe Massa.

I Don't have any...

Paparazzi where trying take a pictures of me.

While I was making a pictures of supporters camp site.

After I saw everything I wanted at Silverstone and continue cycling along flooded roads.

Soon I joined my favourite cycle route N50

I was enjoying cycling that day. Weather was great and I had a very good mood.

I only had to cycle another 20 miles to Oxford so I decides make a little stop at Stowe Landscape Garden. (wiki link)

Happy me:)

From Stowe I cycle through historic town Buckingham. I was looking for Buckingham Palace and was
very surprised when found out that  Buckingham Palace is not here but in London.

why this place is historic?

I was cycling through Buckingham when I received a text message from the Joss from Oxford. He apologise and told me because of some circumstances he will not be able host me at Oxford that day. It was a disaster for me. I was so close to Oxford and now I had no place to stay there for over night. I started calling my friends to find out if anyone of them know someone who can host me at Oxford. Unfortunately no one can help me.
I had two options. Cycle to Oxford and see what gonna happened or cycle to another 50+ miles to my brother in London.
And I chosen London.

I had no proper map and where was no cycle routes going straight to London so I had to make my own way using a main roads. I new it's gonna be very hard but I wanted be there at least by late evening. From this point my easy and relaxing way to Oxford become hard pedalling way to London.

My first town on the way to London was Aylesbury. Here I stop at Tesco to buy some food and take a little break. I also noticed that I done almost 500 miles.

I had no much time for making pictures so I only made one at Aylesbury

And another one 20 miles later somewhere between Wendover and Amersham after I cycle another 10 miles on very busy A413 road. Terrible experience.

Cycling along the busy roads can be fast but to dangerous so I decided to find more quiet road.

This road was much longer but more beautiful.

Along the road I seen loads of strange signs

what does it mean?

During my way to London I managed lost few times. I already decided when I will get to London I will buy GPS navigation for cycling.

Almost German Street.

Street art at Denham.

Tired Me

Somewhere very close to London

Very-very close to London:)
 Yes Yes Yes .... London!!!!

I still had to cycle another 10-15 miles to Twickenham through busy London streets to get to my brother house.

Fortunately for me London has loads of good cycle paths along the motorways and dual carriageways.

Behind this factory is a Heathrow airport.

This bright patches at tarmac is a speed bumps for bicycles. Who need them?

Twickenham rugby stadium. Not as good as Murrayfield stadium at Edinburgh:)

My brother office somewhere at this building.

And this is my brother house. Light is off because he and his wife went to see Shard Laser Light Show....Hmmm.... At least he left me a key:)

And I could left my bike at the middle of their living room.:)))

It took me 548miles and nearly two weeks to get from Edinburgh to London.

I am planing to stay at London for a week or a bit more. I need to plan my journey at France and Belgium. Also I already ordered navigation for my bicycle and I hope it will help me complete my Olivetrip safe without loosing any time trying avoid busy roads. 

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