29 July 2012

Heist and Brugge.

Early morning after quick brekfast as we planed before we went for cycling. I have borowed one of the Glenns mountain bikes and I also for the first time was using clip pedals. Have to say they are so much better than the normal one but required a special shoes and they are also very pricey.

Glenn and his other two brothers Janek and Stan.
Together we are cycle for nearly 50 km along the river through the beautiful places.

After the short cycle ride we went to the Elkas house to setup the swimming pool.

I also realized that Glenn and his brother Sten were playing in a band. They also made one album a year ago. They are kind of celebrities. They FB page:  https://www.facebook.com/sunset.at.five5

Later we went for the special mussels dinner. This is kind of charity dinner to collect money for the local football team.

Very big pan with mussels. Mussels were delicious but a little bit expensive.

After the charity dinner we went to the Heist's central square also known as golden triangle to see some local bands. Show was amazing. Honestly. I likes it a lot.

Next day we are have planed to take a train and go to Brugge. I was very glad that I had another opportunity to see this city again. As I only been at Brugee for couple of hours and I couldn't see much by walking along with my bicycle.

We bought one ticket for ten trips that you can use for any destination at Belgium for 50 euro. So return ticket was cost me 10 euro for almost 4 hours return journey from Heist to Brugge and back.

Trains at Belgium are very comfortable so comfortable that I was sleeping all the way to Brugge.

When we have arrived to Brugge, Elke as a real tourists  bought a map of Brugge.

Steets of Brugge.

Typical transport Brugge citizens are using for daily commuting.

Some other pics of Brugge.

Later we went to the caffe.

I was enjoying my late.
I wish coffee cup be that big as on the picture.

While we were sitting at the caffe Glenn was trying make a good picture of a dog. There was a competition with a prize of minimum 50 euro for the best dog in action picture.

Brugge's fisherman's.

Postman on a bicycle.

Group of lazy tourists.

Hungry we went to the baguette shop.

Baguette with a history.

Caution snails crossing.

Nice little bar.

Everything is green at Brugge.


and a people.

There are four old mills at Brugge.


N3 and N4

Glenn was using any  chance to make a picture of a dog and win a 50 euro prize.

Seems that the shop owner run out of ideas how to name the shop.

Road works?

One more picture of beautiful Brugge.

To late. Already touch it :)

Sometimes even a dogs have to work as a tour guides.

Excited bicycle tourist from Poland.

After seeing everything at Brugge we took a train back to Heist.

Amazing view from the train window.

Tickets controller.

Smile for the camera:)

Stop crane.

After we came  back at Heist I borrow someone's bicycle and we went for a BBQ to the youth club.

Outside youth club looks dangerous.

And abandoned.

But inside it's very cool,

Taz was in charge for a cooking meat.

Very well done sausage.

Everybody were happy with a BBQ.

Him to.

At my last day I had a very lazy day. All day I spend sitting behind the my laptop and was writing some previous posts for a blog and also planned my future route.
We also played traditional Belgian game. Called, Viking and something else. Not remember exactly. Sorry:)

At the end we had a delicious traditional meal from Heist. Meatballs with a cherry sauce.

I spend a great time at Heist op den Berg and wanna say big thank you to Glenn and Elke for hosting me and spending a time with me. I also met very kind and interesting people there and I hoping we still meet again one day.

Next day I cycled to Breda, Holland.

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