17 July 2012


Ok... probably this my last day at London so I can write quick post about some stuff I done at London

At London I stayed at my brother house.

This is my very happy Brother Vlad and his beautiful wife Alla :)

At London everything is Great.




and tourists

One of my first days I took my bike and cycle around London to discover places London's cyclists never been before.

Wild life at London

people with a good vision may find squirrels

Ok. Little help :)))

Having enough of wild life and cycling I took a train and went to Greenwich to O2 arena to see Nissan's electro cars presentation.

very blue...

and very grey outside

New river crossing through the Thames.

Welcome tourist

Friendly stuff helping boarding in to cabine

Only £3.60 for this view.

Clear sky again

My shadow enjoy the sun.
From Greenwich I took a DLR to the centre of London

Here I met my very good friend Aivar. Last year hi with his friends made cycle trip from London to Riga.

Together we went to the museum for cultural purposes.

Great exibition

Visitors were exited to displays.

We also like it....


Great Art

Our Favourite. Very talented work.

 Aivar had 123 Like's by posting this image on Facebook.

This day we had enough modern art. Our cultural level went up.  +1 to culture

After museum we went for a walk along the river

 I like new houses

and cool restaurants

Outdoor theatre

Summer at London is great!

After hail storm while steers still covered at ice we decided that the summer is a great time for a skates.

My 2nd time on skates I was filling like Pro.

Swapping bicycle for ice hockey stick. I qualified myself as ice hockey coach.

 My trainees Aivar and Andrey are sponsored by Tesco:)

Done with ice hockey

Time to Rugby

With my brother and his wife we went to Rugby match at Twickenham.

It was my first time at rugby game and I thought this was a real game.

Soon organisers kick away clowns and invited teams

Still confused how they can score a goals.


Another great news. I finally received my navigation. My super-great brother and Alla decided sponsor my trip and this is a present  from them. Thank you Vlad and Alla!!!

At Sunday I with a friends went to the Air Show at Farnborough.

Tanks were securing perimeters

to make sure we can enjoy show

My brother was trying to take down the plane with a frisbee.

Jet fighter pilot wasn't even scared.

Inessa was trying to see planes using hand made binocular.

Souvenir I taking from London.

 This is my favourite plane A380.

This is me and Pablo at my last day at London. Tomorrow I planing cycle to Dover through Brighton. I gonna take a ferry on Wednesday morning and cycle to Belgium. That's my plan;)


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  2. Great stuff man! =)) Thank you for your visit! Good luck on the rest of your journey! =))

  3. Go ahead crazy man!!! very good luck and run away from the rain, darkness and shadows!!!