31 July 2012

Breda and Bergem op Zoom

At Breda I spent one and half days. Unfortunately as the all normal people Gaille had to go to work and she had no time show me the city. So I was on my own again.

City is nice. But very small.

Stronghold or maybe just a house.

 Not many people are on the streets.

Museum of some art. Entrance was 7 euro. I better go and eat another pancake.

Or try local restaurant :)

After 27 minutes trip around Breda (including visit to McDonalds) I went to see another city Bergem op Zoom which is 45 km. away from Breda.

One of many little towns I passed by on my bike.

After 2 hours of cycling I have arrived to Bergem op Zoom.

Very comfortable bench with a long history.

And a park

with a big trees

and a very arrogant birds.

The one on the left was hissed at me.

White goose was more friendly than his grey brother.

More than 1500 km are done.

To much green at this country.

Centre of Bergem

Concert at the middle of the central square.

Curious tourists.

When Gaylle recommended to me go and visited this place i had looked at the map a found that city is right next to the see. I was trying to find some beaches and a nice spots to chilled out but.....

But all I founded was a industrial buildings right next to the coast.

Think I need a haircut.

Mini sea and a beach next to it was discovered by me on my way back to Breda.

Tired but happy I was cycling back to Breda.

Duch cows very friendly.

WOW! city.
Very WOW.

Famous for the all Holland one million steps house was builded by the famous architect who don't like lifts.

And this is it. 100 km round trip was success. And I back to Breda.

Next day I had to leave Breda and cycle to Den Haag.

But I got lost first time with my navigation and cycled somewhere else.

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