31 July 2012

Heist to Breda, Holland.

My route to Breda was only 60km long and I decided to make a little detour and cycle through the Antwerp.

After having a breakfast with a Glenn and Elke I had left Heist op den Berg.

This is the little town on my way to Antwerp called Lier.


There are not many tourists attractions at this town. This is the only one I founded.

I have decided not to spend too much time at this place and continued cycling to Antwerp to see a real beauty.

Suburban area of Antwerp.

And this is the Antwerp.

It wasn't a very good idea making a picture against the sun.

Quiet roads without much traffic.

But sometimes you had to share this roads with a trams.

Green city.

Some old buildings.

And my favourite from Antwerp.
Mini Castle.

Rented bicycles same cool as Boris Bikes at London.

The only one CCTV camera at the the whole Belgium.

Gulliver? Maybe.

I was planing to spend at Antwerp couple of hours but walking along with a bicycle through the busy streets wasn't that good. And I just couldn't leave my bike unattended and go browsing a city. So I decided cycle straight to Breda.

Port of Antwerp.



River crossing. Or maybe it's a canal.

Cool skate park.

Bridge next to the skate park was covered with a graffiti.

Seeing most of the beautiful places at Belgium I was looking forward get to the Holland.

According my Garmin I was very close to the border.


I was slowly approaching to Holland.

There are wasn't many interesting places on my way and I started making some random pictures.

Pedestrian crossing next to the school.

Corn field.

Unknown sign.

And soon I have arrived to the Holland. The country famous by the mills and canals and also something else. Not remember what.

Theatre right next to the border.

Trees farm.

Cycling at Holland same good as at Belgium. Or maybe just a bit better.

Can't see is it a horses or cows.

At Holland some cycle roads are very wide.

 VIVA Olivetrip.

Some time later I have arrived to Breda.

4 pm!

I have arrived to Breda two hours early. Gaille the girl who sopoused to host me told  me before that she will not be at home until the 6 pm.
And I decided to go to the local caffe and have a coffee and a pancakes.
There was no English menu and I asked waitress bring me white coffee and a pancakes.

Coffee was small but good:)

And the Pancakes. There was the only one very small pancake with a bits of strawberry and some wiped cream.
The worst bit was the final bill. My pancake cost me 7.50 euro plus another 2 euro for a coffee:(

So my budget trip was not budget anymore.
But the good thing was a free WiFi and I still could spend some time browsing the internet:)

After having a healthy low calories dinner I went to meet a Gaille.

This bicycles was recovered from the canal.

From this canal.

Park where I had my other dinner. Still was very hungry after leaving cafe. Don't know why.

This is the street where the Gaille live.

I had to wait for another 20 minutes before Gaelle has arrived. She came with here very good friend from the Brazil Gonzalo. Unfortunately I havent made any pictures of them during my time at Breda. Don't know how has it happened. Maybe she will send me one of her pictures later so I can put it later on my blog.

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