3 August 2012

Breda to Amsterdam. Part 3

The next day early morning I have started my trip to the Amsterdam. That day I only had to cycle 60 km to reach the city.

Weather was sunny but there was a very strong wind which was making my journey very hard.

The wind was that strong that it even blew someone's trousers.

That day was one of the hardest days for cycling. I felt very tired and also had no clear idea why I am cycling to Amsterdam.

There was not many interesting things happening around me that day.

  1. Then next too the town called Hilversum I had met Anne from Florida and her friend from Hungary Szabi. They are living in a small town not to fair from Amsterdam.

Szabi told me that one year ago hi cycled from Hungary to Holland on a lay down bicycle.

Was filling very tired I had decided to find the nearest camping next to the Amsterdam and just take a rest and maybe spend a bit more time to plan my route for the next days.
The closest camping site on my way to Amsterdam was Gezine. So I had decided cycle there.

Another mill along my way. I already seen a lot of them at Holland but non of them were functional with a spinning wings or how they are called.

2nd World War bunker. Again its a lot of them here.

Kipping record of my travelling kilometres. 587+ 1240 = almost 2000?

Lifted bridge.

And some other kilometres later I had arrived to the Gezine camping. Unfortunately for them they had asked to much money for staying at this place. So I had to say them goodbye. 

Thank you!
Probably not!

So I had to find another place near bye and the closest only 10 km to drive was the Zeeburg.

I was cycling along the canal.

And this is the Amsterdam.
the North - East part of Amsterdam.

Probably not the best part of the city.

This was the most beautiful building on my way to Zeeburg.

I had cycled through the park.

And then turne right.

Passed a skate park.
Then had to go back because I also passed the entrance to the camping.

I had to pay 10.50 euro but it was ok. Free internet and a shower was just enough to make me happy that day.

I had decided not to go to the Amsterdam city centre and spent some time updating my blog and prepare my route. So my next stop was Zwolle. Little town next to the Giethoorn. And the Giethoorn is famous is a place without the roads for the cars. The boats is the only transport there.

I had send some requests to the couchsurfers in Zwolle and received one positive reply:) 

I was happy that I don't need to stay at the camping for another night.

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