19 August 2012

Colmar, France - Freiburg, Germany

At the morning I had left Pascal house and together with my new friend James we went to the Strasbourg's "lost and found" office.  
James was hoping that someone found his wallet and brought it here.

Unfortunately thieves at France not bringing their stolen goods to this place.

My 50kg bicycle and James's 15kg.

Without any chances to find his wallet James decided continued his journey to the South of Italy and cycle straight to the Black Forest at Germany.
My route unfortunately was going in a different detection:(
I was cycling to Colmar, France. I wish good luck to James and we went in a different ways.


Road was very easy. I had to cycle along the canal which was going straight to Colmar. Also it was only 65-70km to cycle for me that day.

Road was pretty much the same all the time and the temperature was +35 C or more. Very hot. But any way the way better than "Scottish Summer".

Finally I got shave. Still have to do something with my hairs on a had.

Sign says that the French government together with EU replace canal infrastructure and spend some millions to make people happy.
I was happy.

Lonely swan at the French jungles.

My new host Paul lives at the little town 3 km outside the Colmar.

That's Paul. He is a very good photographer. He showing the me a spider at his garden picture of whom he made just an hour ago.

That's him:)
More Paul's pictures here: http://www.prw-photography.com

It was very good at the Paul's house. He cooked delicious meal and we had some talks. I decided not to go to Colmar that day but cycle their at the next day before going to the Freiburgh, Germany.

That's me updating my blog.

Also I met his son Gulden who is a big fan of BB Guns.. Together we made a picture which in theory would provide me some material support...
I posted this picture on my FB with a little message .

Some of my friends didn't get my joke:)
James is a great guy. Hope I will meet him at London. If I ever come back to this "None Summer Country".

Next day I said good bye to the Paul and Gulden and went to Freiburg, Germany.

I become famous during my Olivetrip and paparazzi were everywhere tryed make a picture of me.

But first Colmar.


Colmar is a very small but beautiful place. Very popular with a tourists.

I had no much time to spent here, as I had promised Karin my new host from Freiburg to be at her place between 3-4pm.

Very famous door.


I only spent an hour and half at Colmar. But I liked the city.
This is the deepest river at the France.

Or it was deepest before temperature rise up to +40 C

I turned back to the canal I was cycling the day before and continue my journey to Freiburg.

It was extremely hot that day. Wish I had my swimming shorts I left at Edinburgh.

I like this things.

Hydro electric station near the German border.

Good bye France. See you after Switzerland:)

The Beer Country!

 1681+1240=2921 km
Going for 3K :)

 View point. And another 20km to Freiburg.

Brcelona bike.

I can see Freiburg:)

Now I can see it close.

Trams ways are very cool.

Trams too.

Freiburg is very green.

This are my new hosts.
Karin. She is German and she likes my blog:)

Her boyfriend Rasmus. Musicant from Sweden.

My time at Freiburg was amazing.
Still amazing because I sitting at their balcony and writing this post and Rasmus at the kitchen making Swedish style burger:)
Update! That's the one. And Oktoberfest beer:) LOVE GERMANY!!!! AND MY HOSTS TOO:)


Ok... still have to write about my time here....
As soon as I arrived Karin and Rasmus started making BBQ.

Local beer;) Very-very Gooood.

Ouh...another one:)

This is Katja friend of Karin she is from Ukrane but lives in Germany for the past 20 years.

So good....

After great BBQ i had tried traditional Oktoberfest beer  from the special "Mass" (1L)

Next day it was promising to be the hottest day of the year with a temperature around the +40C.
Our plan was get up early at the morning before the heat starts and went to the city and later afternoon went to the lake for a swim. Rasmus even donated his swimming shorts to me, as I left mine's at Scotland.
Plan was great.

That's the Strasburg. City I like.

This little canals called "Baechle" and they are everywhere at the city. At the past they are supplied city with a fresh water from the mountains.

Freiburg Cathedral is under permanent restoration.

Old stock exchange.

another "Baechle" :)

My new German friends.

Very famous "Black Cat" house.
Or it not so famous... anyway...house with a cat print.

Bridge under construction.

3D stone.

Direction to the tower.

One of those houses is a Freiburg's brewery.
And I know which:)

Modern Art.

Old ART.

Messy tourists left their rubbish.

Stone Age Map.

Speed camera.

View from this thing.

View without it.

50m tower we were going to is on the top of the 300 or 400m hill. 

Every step has a name.

View from the tower.

Black Forest and mountains.

There are some black monkeys at that tree.
My camera isn't that good. But believe me they are their.

This beer was donated to me by Rasmus and Karin. Thank you to everybody who donated me beer before and will donate me it after :D

Oldest guests house in the world? Or only at Freiburg.
I not remember.
But it's not that important anyway.

Direction to somewhere.

Expensive restaurant.

Streets of Freiburg are full of danger.

+37C !!!! Was more later.

Subway at Germany.

After 3.5 hours tour around the city we took a car and drove to the lake.


At the lake was great. water was warm, everything was cool. Even we were surrounded with another 3 million people who also decided to spent very hot day near the water.

On the way back I was trying to make this picture but we were going to fast.
Why I made this picture? Still don't know:)))

Back to Freiburg.

Ehhhhhhhh. My last day at Germany. Tomorrow Basel, Switzerland.


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