27 August 2012

Bienne - Lausanne

My next stop at Switzerland was Lausanne aka Lasagna.

Weather was rainy but still warm and was better than +40C for my 120 km journey.
I had my last Biel/Bienne's coffee at the balcony, put my waterproofs on, and started my journey to Lausanne.

Biggest part of my route was going along the two lakes Bielersee and Neuchatel.


Most of the time I was using cycle route N5. It slightly longer but more beautiful than others routes to Lausanne.

This two lakes are 500 m above the sea level and sometimes boats are floating through the clouds...


Reconstruction plan near the dam area.

After some time exotic animals will be living at this area: frogs, snakes and monkey-beaver.

Right now it's only construction site.

I had stooped at the local supermarket to buy some food. I bought some fruits and yoghurt. No meet. I am vegetarian in Switzerland:)
How people living here with this crazy prices?

Garden Art.

Famous "Barcelona bike"

Water refill station...

My very small and very expensive lunch:(

I will only comes back to Switzerland when I will become a millionaire...
So.... In 2 years..... Definitely. 

Poor country....Some people can't afford to fix their house roofs.

Because they are have to support their yachts.

Creative sign.

Obelix style hydrant.

Pines forest.

I had passed a forest and saw something sitting on my leg. I thought it was a horsefly and I swatted him.
After I done it I realized that it was the wasp and before it died she bites me.
That's a stinger I removed from my leg:)

Soon I had arrived to the city the name of which I don't remember.

This city if famous in all Switzerland by their giant frogs.

They are everywhere.

Loads of restrictions chasing a tourists here.

Evil sign.

Yverdon les Bains is the small is by the Neuchatel Lake.

Street theatre.

Direction to Lausanne.

Not touristic area.

33 km to Lausanne.

Some villages in Switzerland are always ready for the Christmas.

Not so many kilometres later I was in Renens.
Renens is suburb town 5 km to  Lausanne.

In Lausanne I had stayed in Lily's flat she lives with a very cool guys from France and one girl from Finland.

At my first night in Lausanne with Lily and Fia we went to meet  Lily's friends who lives at the other side of the city. We had to take a train and metro to get there.
Public transport in the Switzerland could be free for the lucky travellers.
We were lucky:)

On the way back we had to take a taxi. But it was a special one and cost us 4 franks each.

Next day morning I had a coffee at the balcony with a jam made by Lily's mother.

Cultural part of my program in Lausanne was including: visiting city centre and museum.

 We took a "free" bus to the town.

 Lausanne is a very beautiful city. I liked here a lot.

 Central Cathedral.

At this place we got a free tickets to the photography museum.

When I was sending some requests for the place to stay in Lausanne I send one to Valentina who couldn't host me but she offered to me a free tickets to any museum in Lausanne.

Thank you very much;)                                                          I

 View from the hill.


My first Swiss map:)

Before going to the photography museum we took a walk around the city.



 We met Lily's friends who are doing this...

Everybody wanted to try.

No pictures of me on the rope:(
But I was like a PRO! It so easy:D My next job will be in the Circus....

Palace? I not sure...

   French Alps on the other side of the lake.
I think this is a palace....
I will ask someone later...
No I will use Google...
No you can use it and tell me what is it....

"free"" metro to the museum.

Swiss sky.

Elysee museum.

 Same picture inside...

That's the guy who made this picture. Think hi is famous.

 Some of his works.

He found this guy in Africa...

Anakin Skywalker in black.

Independent art work.

After visiting a museum  everybody were so exited.

To be honest I think my pictures are so muck better.

Just look at this one...
I name it "free train to Renens"

"The train is in perfect focus. Some people a little bit blurred but background would be a mess of impressions, fighting for your attention.The train is in perfect focus. Some people a little bit blurred but background would be a mess of impressions, fighting for your attention." - Independent critics. (about the"free train to Renens")

"This photo illustrates the people who go out of their way to inject some random into your life, and who, in the process, remind you why you're alive; it's not just to trudge through it all, it's to be surprised, amused, and bemused by the world" - Another critic rewiew.  (about the "free train to Renens")

I fill myself a photo genius.
More simple than previous one but still Great:)
This is Renens by the way.

After visiting a museum we had decided to make our own exhibition.

This is a beer exposition in Lily's bath.

First visitors.

This art performance called "Embuscade".
Some wine.

Some beer.

Special ingredient.

required precise amount....

More colours....

and..... that's how you can make your own home exhibition. 

 Visitors discussing future plans.

Guy in the pink short has a new idea.

 Flash mob called "Pakito"

 Everybody likes it.
 Some people liked it to much. 

 Well done man in the pink short.

I had noticed that Lausanne and especially Renens are most cultural places in Switzerland.
I definitely coming back here. 

and a little video....

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