29 August 2012

Lausanne - Geneva

I liked a lot in Lausanne. But I had to move on. My next stop is Geneva only 70 km from the Lausanne. And again no mountains. 

I was happy but a bit tired.
After party syndrome.

Road not fair from Lausanne.

This is a cool house.

Weather was sunny but a little bit chilly.

Because it was Sunday all the shops were closed.
I had to stopped in McDonald's to buy myself a meal.
12.90 francs! for this...they even charged me 0.20 cents for ketchup.

After halfy eating in McD I continued my journey to Geneva.

Most of the time I was cycling along the Geneva Lake.
One side of the lake is Switzerland another is France.

Saint-Prex town.

Think this round-white building is a theatre.
But I'm not sure. and anyway it's not that important.

Fair away is Lasagne Lausanne.


When I get rich I will buy house like this somewhere in Switzerland countryside. 


 I liked here.

 "chateau des Swiss" :)

Police setting a speed cameras.

Scottish soap. Only for 12 Francs.
This banner gave me a great idea how to make so moneys. I just need some little time and maybe later I show you something ;)


Tram and cyclists.


River is fast like in Basel.

But maybe not so clean.

3300km :)

In Geneva I had stayed in Zane's house.

She is a girl from Latvia. She works and study in Geneva.
Later evening we went for a bicycle ride around the night Geneva.

Zane was very kind and bought me a Swiss ice cream to try.
Thank you Zane;)

After the ice cream we went in to the park where people can play giant chess or checkers.
We chosen checkers.  

Zane lost the game:(

Because I had a horses:)

Very famous Mega-fountain. "Jet d'Eau"
According Wikipedia it 140m high!

Most famous Geneva watch.

Now they are even more famous because of me:)

Next morning while Zane was at work I made a little walk around the city. 

Fountain during the day.

Most famous circus in Switzerland.

"Rolex Bridge".

Still under construction.

At the evening zane made Raclette. This is traditional Swiss dish with potatoes and a special cheese.

Eh...Latvian beer was also great:)

This was my last day in Switzerland.
Super expensive but very beautiful country.
I had met a very good people here. I made a very good friends there. And I definitely coming back again;)
My next stop is Chambery, France.