12 August 2012

Cologne - Koblenz

I had left camping at Cologne behind and started my journey up to the river to Koblenz.

I still was expecting to see something beautiful.....
but my way was going through boring city's

and a fields...

Ferry to another side of the river. I haven't took it. Maybe I should.


This stone is a guide to the lost tourists.

Somehow I had managed lost my cycle route and had to cycle through the deep forest.

After couple attends to find my way out of the forest I finally was near the civilization.

I also found my lost cycle route.

Famous "Donkeys" monument somewhere in Germany.

 And some kilometres later  I started seeing beautiful Germany.

 There were many little towns and each of them was like from fairy tale.


Old stronghold.

Abandoned train depot near the Linz.


Speed bumps.

After I passed Linz I started seeing beautiful Germany countryside with grape yards and small wineries.

This is most comfortable bench I had ever sighted.

Cycle path improvement in progress.

Sign showing direction of the cycle route by the river Ryan.

Private winery.

It was already late evening but I still was too far from Koblenz.

Very-very tired...

Was getting darker and I couldn't find any campings near by.

So I found remote spot near the main road and set my tent on someone's grapes yard. 

First I was very wary that someone can spot me and call the police but I was too tired and soon just fall asleep. 
Next morning I quickly packed all my stuff and left this place without being seen by anyone.

I had to cycle another 10 km before I had reached Koblenz.

Actually Koblenz was at the other side of the river. And I didn't cross to see the city.

I was tired. And decided find a camping with a internet connection to take a day rest and also find someone who can host me for the next day.

Camping I found was 20 km outside the Koblenz and it took me 3 hours to get there.

I had passed this little town and finally arrived to the camping.
I had paid 12 euro. but there was a free WiFi and shower. I was a happiest person in the world.


My dinner:)

Camping owner. Not remember her name. She was very friendly and was a big fan of England:)

Last look at my cycle shoes. I throws them away later as they was in very bad condition and very smelly.

River view:)

I was lucky enough to find my hosts at Mainz for the next day.

That was a happy easy day for me and I enjoyed my day off cycling...

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