12 August 2012

Koblenz(Camping) - Mainz

That kind of signs staying along the river and I guess they shows distance from the the river starts.

That one was near the camping I stayed night before.

I was only had to cycle another 55km to get to Mainz. So I had another easy day:)

I've been told a day before that it is much better cycle on the other side of the river so I took a ferry as there no bridges around. It cost me 2 euro to get to other side.

Other side was looking definitely better.

Appart from the great landscape cycle road was like a highway.


My next trip may be on this...

Old ruins was ruined by the ugly banner.

There was loads little town on my way. But I haven't stopped. I was cycling to Barcelona Mainz.

Little break for my bicycle.

Some signs.

More signs.

Germany. Finally I was very happy I here.... I like Germany!!!!

Everything made for the bicycle tourists. Spare parts hanged around. I wish I found this wheel early.

23km from the start:) I sure I done more......

Modern Art.

No Cycling? Glad I don't know german.

Cool bridge.

Some art works.


Some more metres later I had decided to stop for a another break. Weather was great and I had no any reason cycle to fast.

And also I found a perfect spot.

and a beer.
and some food.

Ehhhh.... such a wonderful day.... :))))

I had spent some time enjoying great view and soon noticed that I probably have to move on.

Pictures on the van.

Pictures on the wall.

I was here.

 Don't know what is it.


Catching flies.

Tarmac road suddenly ends.

That was a sign to take a break.

Another great location....

Kalinka-malinka :)))

Field kitchen.


 Bicycle tourists...

One of them...
She is making four days tour along the river to visit her friends.

She nearly crashes trying make a picture of me while driving a bicycle...

Soon I had arrived to the Mainz. But first I had to cycled through industrial part of the city.

 Than through the Mainz University.

Very famous person at Mainz.

Students art work.

Then I cycled through the fields.

And some time later I had arrived to my not final destination.

This is Ariane & Steffi my hosts at Mainz and now are also a good friends. 

I had spent two very good.days at Mainz.
I made a tour around the city.

 Local celebrity's from the old times.

Mainz Cathedral.


No one at Mainz knows what is it....

Coffee bus.

Late evening Ariane showed to me a newspaper with a Bungee jump promotion for only 15 euro. And I said:
- Yes, why Not.
Hoping Not.....

Next morning she reminded to me and I had to go... I couldn't say not especially after Ariane and Steffi told me that they jumped before...
Ariane drove me to the place.

Big mat should protect if something went wrong:)
So I was calm and brave.

I pay 15+ (another 5 euro for video:)  Maybe I showed it later.... Maybe not .... hahahaha

My biggest supporter that day, Charlotte.

Adjusting camera... The guy place camera up side down:))) I noticed it later....

Still smiling :D

Not any more......

It was unbelievable.... 90 metres.So cool... Little bit scary but awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee........

I will do it again one day:)))

After my crazy jump we went home. I still had to cycle that day to Worms and already found someone who could host me for one night.
I wanted to say big thank you to Ariane and Steffi for hosting me at Mainz I had a great time and I wish them all the best. I really hoping that I see them and they  little and cute daughter Sharlotte.

p.s my video
as I said it's up side down:)


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