16 August 2012

Mainz - Worms - Mannheim - Heidelberg.

After my crazy bungee jump early morning I was ready to cycle to the Worms.

I was lucky to find another couchsurfer Elizabeth who promised host at Worms me for one night.


Weather was perfect.  +25 and and just a little windy.

Rail bridge.

Helping point near Mainz.

I was hungry and made a stop at Lidl. Which was closed for some reason. At least I have  a picture of 6 wheels car.
Later I found another shop where bought some food and orange beer.

Some industry.

Soon road become much better.

There are loads independent wine yards at this area.


Not a very interesting town.

I cycle a bit more and decided to stop for a litle brake.

Temperature raised to +30C.

Time for my beer.
I bought this beer only because I liked a cans colour.
Beer had awful orange taste. Never gonna buy it again.

My shadow cycling to Barcelona too.

Some time later I was at Worms.
Time was nearly 6pm and I had another 2 hours before meeting Elizabeth.
So I made a little tour around the city.

There are not as many tourists attractions at the city.
Yellow truck is the one of them.

Old telephone box. Also yellow.

Monument to the king?

This is almost everything what I found here.

Seeing pretty much everything I went to the train station to met Elizabeth.

I watched sun set.

And at 8pm Elizabeth arrived.
She really helped to me that day as she was the only one person who replied to my requests at Couchsurfing website. And I was very happy that I don't need to stay at my tent.

Next day early morning I continued my journey to Barcelona.

My next stop was Heidelberg. Little but very old city 60 or 70 km from Warms.
The only problem was that no one reply to my requests at Couchsurfing and I had no place to stay there.  
So I checked the website and found that at 5.30pm there will be a Couchsurfing meeting at one of the local restaurants. I had decided go there and as if someone can host me for two nights.
I liked my plan. 
Last look at the Worms. Not the best picture, but the one of not many I got.

Weather was very hot that day. +30 maybe even more.

I was filing very tired. Just had no energy at all.
I also need a shave.
Or its still OK. Shave can wait for another 5-6 days:)

2599 km

This is Mannheim. Large city but not as interesting for tourists and me as Heidelberg.

This is the central park.
Was so hot that day and I was so tired that I found a very nice spot at the park and had a nap for a 2 hours.
Anyway meeting was only at 5.30pm and I still had a loads of time.

After a short nap I continued cycling to Heidelberg.

I passed caravan park outside the city.

Never seen so many power lines at one place.

I still had to cycle another 17 km to the Heidelberg,  but I couldn't. I was filling exhausted. |That was a one of the hardest days from the long time.
I found a bench near the river and slept for another hour.

Looking bad:(

Than I had to take a ferry to the other side of the river. Paid 0.50 euro.

 I was cycling so slow that everybody were overtaking me.

Graffiti work at progress.

So time later I was at Heidelberg. City I liked a lot. Very old and beautiful. I found a place where the couchsurfing meeting was. People I met there were very friendly and interesting. Everybody were telling they story's and sharing travelling experience.

One of the guys, Martin offered me to stay at his house for two days.
I was needed a time for rest. And a next day I walked around the city on my own.
Unfortunately Martin couldn't go with me because a few month ago he broked his leg and still recovering.


First I wanted go to the castle.
The one on top of the hill.

To get to the Castle people needed to walk 370 steps up.

I was ready accomplish this task.

Good view already:)

200 more....

That's enough for me.
Sometimes it's so hard being a tourist.
I do it next time. Maybe when I be 85.

Any way this is a great view. Good enough for 132 steps.

So I went down and started looking for a coffee shop.

Some magic happening on the streets of Heidelberg.

And I found one good coffee shop called Starbucks.
Think it's something very local. Would say - Very German!

Next day is Baden-Baden::)))

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