9 August 2012

Düsseldorf - Cologne

At the morning I made a little tour around the farm.

Claudia got fifteen horses and some land. I wanted to help her feed the horses early morning but she told me that it will take her longer to explain me then do on her own. I haven't objected.

This is Claudia  and her husband.

Later we had a German breakfast. And I liked it :)
With a great mood I continued cycling to Barcelona. But first I had to cycle to Cologne.
Not with this guys.

2220 km

Some cool stuff near Düsseldorf. Unfortunately this museum was closed :)

Very famous park in Düsseldorf. I guess it famous.

Some pictures from Düsseldorf's city centre.


And a bridge to the other side of the river.

And this is the other side.

Someone has told me that the real beauty starting after Cologne. I was really hoping to it.

Just another town. Nothing exiting....

Cologne it's a same as Koln. I found out it 4 days later.

Rain was strong but not for long.


Approaching to Cologne/Koln.

Almost there....

This German couple were cycling from Dusseldorf to Cologne and we constantly were overtaking each other.


As a good tourist I had made a picture of the famous Colognes Cathedral.

Live statues on smoking break. They were very upset by me making inappropriate pictures of them.

Russian Live music.

Same Cathedral.

Some ruins.

Alternative to McDonald's.

Unfortunately for me no one wanted host me at Cologne and I had to make my way to the Camping.

I love Bridges!

Another one...

Very professional. Is it?

Camping near Cologne. Not the best but OK. I asked for a little discount from 11.50 to 10 euro. better then nothing:) And also I met a very cool guys from Paraguay who travelled around the world. Or maybe they was from Uruguay I not to sure..

And a last bridge for today:))))

Cologne been left behind and I was really hoping to see promised to me beautiful Germany....

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