17 August 2012

Baden-Baden - Strasbourg

After great coffee at Baden-Baden I had continued my journey.
Next stop is Strasbourg, France is 40 or 50km by bicycle.

Famous fountain at Baden-Baden.

Little river.

Exotic cars.

Weather was extremely hot around +33 +35

Wine house.

Now I look like a homeless cyclist.
Although I'am homeless cyclist:)


France ahead.

Just at the other side of the river.

I had to take a ferry and was ready to pay some money for a transfer but first time it was for free.


Border town Drusenheim.

German beer at the French land.

I was very close to the Strasbourg when my Garmin broke down again. First time it happened when I had just crossed the Holland-German border and now again.

By the good tradition I ended up at McDonalds looking for a free internet.

At the McDonald's at France to use a internet first you have to buy something :(
I'm on my budget so........... no internet for me.
Better than Germany but still no good.

Any way I new detection I had to follow and I also new how to fix my Garmin.
30 minutes later I was at Strasbourg.

I still had to find Clare's house.
Clare is a girl who promised to host me for two days at Strasbourg.

Find her house wasn't a big deal. She lives right at the city centre.
This is Claire.

I stayed at Clare's house not two days but only two hours because I decided move to another place.
This is a long story.....
When I was looking for somebody who can host me at Strasbourg. I send many requests and received a who replays. One from Clare and another one from the Pascal. He offered to me a crazy idea go camping at the old caste ruins outside the Strasbourg. I liked it and said, yes. But I already accepted Clare's offer and went to her place first.
After the short talk with a Clare I decided move to Pascal's place as it was much easy for both of us.
The only problem was that my navigation still doesn't work and he lives at the other side of the city.
Clare was very kind and cycle with me a bit to show me direction to Pascal.

Cycling without map at unknown city wasn't a brightest idea.
I got lost.
It was late and we already had to be driving to the castle. But I still was to far from Pascal's house.
I phone Pascal to tell that I somewhere I don't know where.
Pascal told ask me to find some orienter then he can pick me up from that place.

That was difficult. But some time later I found one.
A traffic light.
Just kidding. I found IKEA:)

IKEA was at the other side of the city and Pascal came to rescue me from there.
Unfortunately it was to late go to the ruins.

I still filling sorry for ruined your plans, Pascal. Sorry:(
:) Anyway was illegal :)

This is a couchsurfer  Muhub from Algeria.

At the left another couchsurfers from France and at hammock is Pascal.

Pascal lives in the museum.

I had asked Pascal to stay for a extra day because I wanted a extra day off cycling.
He generously allowed it to me.

When I firs time said at Belgium that I like "Kronenbourg" beer people are looked at me strange.
Same at Holland and Germany.
Strasbourg is a home city of a "Kronenbourg" and no ones likes this beer here either.

 Some pictures of Strasbourg.



Pascal was telling us a history of the Strasbourg better than any tour guide.

Mozart was playing at this organ.

Antique shop.

Fiat 500


Peace of ART.

 Just a houses.

Don't remember what was it.

Saint Peter Church.

Russian guide.

After having a historical tour around the Strasbourg we went to the restaurant where I tried flammekueche.
It's like a pizza but French.

Strasbourg's Tribunal.

Next day at Pascal housted some extra guests. One of them is James.
He is a bicycle traveller from England who was pickpocket at the Strasbourg Cathedral. He lost his money and a bank cards. But now hi is fine again.
He is cycling from Cheltenham, UK to Brindisi, Italy. 

This is his website: http://jtcycling.wordpress.com/

James and another two couchsurfers from Spain. Again I forgot their names:)

My next stop after Strasbourg is Colmar,France.

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