22 August 2012

Freiburg, Germany - Basel, Switzerland

I had a great time at Freiburg and now I had to say good bye to this green tramways city and my new friends Karin and Rasmus.

OK. Next time I will make a better picture....

Very German Cow.

Winery "Wolfenweiler". Probably the famous and good.
I don't like the wine, beer is better anyway.

Road to Basel was very boring. Some small towns and fields. Nothing to exciting.
But it was hot that day. Very-very hot. Over +35C

Ouh... better picture:)
It will bee............ km:)

Little village.

Large field.

Alex with sunglasses.

Another town.

Beautiful graveyard.
Manual: Twist your monitor/screen to see it better.

 Well painted house.

Some time later I got back to the Ryan river.
Other side of the river is a France.

Warning sign for the people who likes drive their vehicle in to the water.

Other warning picture.

Cycle road through the forest along the Ryan.

33km to Basel.

Bridge to the France.


Some clods at the sky. Later it was a thunderstorm somewhere. But not on my way.

All day was very hot that I got tired very quickly.
I found one very comfortable bench and had a nap for an hour or a bit longer.

Even there was no more sun it still was extremely hot and was hard to breathe.


Workers are digging a new way for the river.

This house was integrated into the rock.

 Happy people.

I couldn't leave my bike and go down to the river.

Some info.
For Germans Only!


Dam and a river crossing to the France.

Not much has happened during the day.
And I decided to take short trip to the France.

 At the France I made a picture of the swans and 5 minutes later I was back in Germany.

 German birds.

 Somewhere very close to the Swiss border.

Swiss border with a custom and passport control.
No one was interested with a lonely bicycle tourist and I passed the border without stopping.

Switzerland. Country of the cheese, wrist watches, chocolate and a home town of my Swiss Knife.

 Soon I was in Basel.

First what I seen.
Loads of people swimming in the river.

At Basel I was staying with a Jessica.
My new Swiss friend Jess:)

Switzerland is very strange country. Like a Great Britain and they wanted to be unique.
Why they can't use a normal/standard sockets?
I had bought one expensive   multi-country adaptor at Belgium but it doesn't fit at Swiss socket.

Now I have to buy another one:(

View from the window.
Basel's railways station.

 Next day I with my tour guide Jess went to discover culture of Basel.

At Switzerland people can drink water from almost every fountain. It's safe and water quality controlled all the time.

Together with a Jess we went in  to the the famous church in Basel.

We took a stairs up to the roof.

Entrance to the top cost 3 Swiss Francs. Around 2.60 Eur.
For us it was for free:)


View from the roof.


After visiting a church we made a little tour around the city.
This is a very cool fountain.

All the parts are moving.

 Streets in Basel.


 Typical Swiss transport for rich.

Typical Swiss transport for others.  

 Another church.

Boat to the other side of the river.

It cost 1.60 Francs to get to other side.
Every tourist have to cross Ryan on boat at least once.

People in the water.

Our cultural program was including a swim to.
But after the lunch and a Swiss beer.

 My favorite picture of Jessica.

Swiss money.
My budget for all Switzerland.

The man on the banknote thinks that 100 is not enough.

After a lunch we went for a swim:)

Ryan river has a very fast stream. All you need is get to the river at the one side side of the city and a river stream will bring you to another:) 

People are using special water proof bags where they put all their stuff and clothes.

It took us 25minutes to get from one side of the city to another.
Water was warm. Around +24C.

No swimming behind this point.

Swimming at the Ryan river through the all city was unbelievable experience.
I was a bit scared at first with a water deep and a fast stream but it was something I would love do again.
And it's free:)


Free drinking water:)
Everything else is very expensive:(

+44C. Think this is not true.

+33C at the other side of the clock.

I had to buy a adapter for the Swiss socket and we went for shopping.

We found a right one for 5.75 Francs.
Not cheep but I need it.


Shopping was done and we went to meet a Jessica's mother.
She invited us for the ice cream:)

I like at Switzerland.

This is most famous statue(head) at the Basel.
Kings head showing the tongue to everybody.

My Swiss knife happy to come back at the his home country and meet the brothers.

 I've seen this guys somewhere before.

I also went to the post office and bought one post card for my very good friend at Latvia.
Guess which one I gonna sending to you, Nadja.

Christmas shop.
Oriented at the British tourists.


This is not a Christmas shop.

 Definitely not.

Basel's University.

Some time later we met with Jessica's mother.

Jess and her mother Paola.
Thank you for the ice cream:)

After having an ice cream with Jess mother we took a bus home. We didn't pay for the ticket which was very expensive 2 Francs for a 3 stops.
And a fine is only a 100.
It was a very good day and a Switzerland is nice.

Team work. Swiss knife + Dutch beer.

And tomorrow I planing get to Biel/Bienne.
City with a two names.

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