7 August 2012

Amsterdam - Zwolla

Early morning coffee. I made it inside the tent because I was to lazy go outside and also it was very cold or maybe was even a little rain.

At the camping I had met another cyclist from Sweden Jah-Ake Carlson. He and his wife were cycling from Sweden to Santiago de Campostela at Spain.


I was very happy that day. First. I new I not gonna stay camping that day. Second. I was looking forward to met Puck. And third, all my way to Zwolla was a strong wind at my back and I could cycle very fast.

Bridge outside the Amsterdam.

House and the boat.

Little town with no name.

I not remember this guy name. I gonna call him Bob. Common Dutch name. 

So I met Bob on his velomobile when he was trying fix a tyre puncture. He told that his velomobile can easily speed up to 45-50km. Made with carbon fibre and cost 4500 euro.

This old school transport has run away from the local zoo. And cost approximately the same.

Road to the hand made island near Amsterdam.

Weather was very good but the clouds promised rain.

I was cycling enjoying strong wind at the back, overtaking people on camels when suddenly another velomobile overtake me! I had never seen them before in my live and at the same day I saw two of them.

I was trying race him but he was quicker.
I lost only because I had my heavy bags.

At the little town called Zeewolde I stopped at Lidl and bought some food including freshly baked croissants.

Weather was getting worse. This is the front view. 

Right hand view.

Left hand view.

Sky above me.

And according my Garmin I still had to cycle another 7km to get to the nearest place I could hide from the rain.

And I made it! Soon as I got to the bridge the heavy rain started.

But my croissants were saved.


Believe me or not but this is working restaurant. All covered in mould:)

If you will come to this area visited Aqua. Recommend.

Weather got better.

 I stopped for my meal. Tortilla and some meat from Lidl:)

Music Shop.

This is most common bin near cycle route. You can throw rubbish without stopping. 

Bridge through the river with a extra large cycle lane.


Another bridge through motorway near Zwolle.

Puck house in the centre of Zwolle.

I had to wait her for 5min before she arrived with her friend Melanie.

At Zwolle I had spent two days at my first day Puck showed me a city. We took a bicycles and drove around. It took us 37minutes to ride through the all town. Zwolle is very small town. But nice. I liked here:)

Part of city wall. 

Btw most of my pictures skew and curves  because I making them while cycling :)

Restaurant where Puck working. She promised me a discount but my budget not allowing me eat at the places like this. Even with a discounts :(

Dutch bicycle "Gazelle" old and new version.

This old house soon will be converted to the modern restaurant.

Streets of Zwolle.

Wealso  went to the library and Puck returned her books.

Puck's flatmate Paul. He just came back from his week bicycle trip in Germany.

And that's almost all from Zwolle. At my second day I was sitting at home. Drinking cheep beer (0.40EU) and updating my blog. Also I Had found a place to stay at Arnhem city near the German border.

Next day I had to cycle 60km to Arnhem.

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