7 August 2012

Zwolle - Arnthem

I had left happy-hippy house at Zwolle and cycled to the Arnhem to meet my host Moyca. 60 km trip should takes me 5-6 hours with a all stops.

I was wanted to sign the wall but because everybody were away I haven't done it :((  

 Road was full of danger.

But I bravely cycle to Arnhem. 1983 km.

This sign saying. If you are drunk. Cycle in the middle of the road!

At Heerde I met Marjet. Last year she made bicycle trip from Heerde to Barcelona and 2 years ago to Rome. She invited me to her house but because I already promised Moyca be at Arnthem I had to say refused.

Most of my way I was cycling through the beautiful Holland country side.

 Short stop for a lunch.

Soon I had discovered a little problem with my bike. My rear wheel rim was cracked and two spokes already came off.

Also there were some other little cracks like this. Probably I hit my wheel against the kerb.


To Arnhem I still had to cycle 30km and I was hoping that my wheel survive.

Ice cream shop.

Pony and mini pony.

Some km later I had to disconnect my rear brakes as my wheel became very wobbly.

Smallest war museum in the world.


This is Moyca. Very cool girl. She studies at art school at Arnhem. She showed to me local bike shop where I could replace my wheel but because it was to late I had to go back to it next day. My new wheel would cost me 85 euro. Big hole in my budget :((((((((((((( But anyway day was good.

Together with Moyca we made a tour around the Arnhem.

 Retro car.

Moyca posing next to her Art School.

 Central streets.

Most famously lamp post at all Holland.

Back pack designed and created by Moyca. Very-Very cool. And self decorated wall at her living room.

I could only stayed for one day at Moyca's place but at another couchsurfer Ewoud invited me to stay for one more day at his house. That was a good news for me. And early morning next day I went to the bicycle shop to buy my new wheel.

Specialized bicycle shop.
Here I already had a agreement with a sales man not charge extra 20 euro for a work required to shift chaine set from my old wheel to the new one.

My new wheel.

After fixing my bike I still had couple hours before I had to meet with a Ewoud and I cycle around the city looking for anything interesting I had missed a day before.

Where was a big battle during a second world war.

I had also discovered a cow monument on top of the roof.


And this is first and a last working/spinning  mill I saw at Holland.

Later I met Ewoud and his daughter Elisa. She draw me a picture I will put it on my blog later.

Ewoud is playing viola at Arnhem's Theatre. His wife also playing viola and she is from Latvia:) Sometimes I thought that he knows about Latvia and Riga even more than me. Especially about instrumental music.

I had a great time at his house even heard how Ewoud playing on viola.

Next day I planed cycle to Düsseldorf, Germany.

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