16 August 2012

Heidelberg - Baden-Baden

I looked at the Google Map and it showed me 75 km trip from Heidelberg to Baden-Baden.
At real life I cycled 120 km because all the straight roads was not suitable for cycling.
I chose Baden-Baden because of it's name. I didn't know anything about the city. Just heard this name and I liked it.
Also I found a host for one night mnand that was another big plus for me.

Was using my Garmin to find the way out of city.

This picture was already made outside of the Heidelberg. I don't know how this transport calls, but it used to transport the coals.

Solar panels. Useless thing if you live at Britain.
I think scientists have to invent something special for the bad weather countries like Britain. Maybe "Rain and Cold" panels?

Not a very touristic town.

But nice anyway.

Maya style tunnel.

Telescope to observe the stars  cars.

1650 km

I was somewhere here.

"Lazy Cyclists Place"

I had to cross a bridge through Rhine river as cycle route was going on the other side.

 Maybe I will grow a beard.

Which direction should I take?

German village.

Somehow I got lost.
I was not using my Garmin for a while just followed the signs and at some point lost:)

It took me 30 min to find my way out.

Some time later i had arrived to the France. But Baden-Baden still was far and on the other side of the river at Germany.

Old train station at the border.

Motocross circuit.

Multi national house.

France wasn't at my plans for that day so I went back to Germany.

Bridge to the other side of the river.

Crossing border.
1490+1240=..... km/total

Before it was a rail bridge. Our days only cars and a ghost trains can cross it.
And me.

Welcome back to Germany:)

Light at the end of the tunnel is Baden-Baden.

At Baden-Baden I had stayed with Anemone Eliette Dähn. She is artist who making installations with a gold. I don't know how this technic called but it looks really cool.
For my future coffee shop I will order gold plated coffee bean an crystal stand:)

That's Anemone's website: http://www.kunstundheilendekunst.de/

Later evening we went for a walk and Anemone showed me the city.
I have to say I liked it a lot.

Thermal bath.

Another one.

New Baden-Baden Castle. The old one is somewhere behind.

Anemone showing me famous art work.

Mermaids without tails.

Baden-Baden Casino!
Also very famous with rich.

The best at Baden-Baden happened to me next morning.
Anemone took me to the best coffee shop I had ever been before.

I want it!

I want it all!

Coffee was great!

It was a great start of the day as my next stop was Strasbourg, France.