9 August 2012

Arnhem, Holland - Germany.....

At the morning after having a breakfast with Ewoud and Elisa I started my journey to Germany. I wanted get to Dusseldorf by the end of the day. As always I overestimated my own capabilities.


Half-wild horses.

Weather was good. Not to hot, not to cold. Just OK for cycling.

My way to Düsseldorf was going through the Emmerich, Germany.

All the way to Germany surrounding area were  boring.

And soon I reached German border zone.

I had stopped for my last lunch at Holland. Was looking forward to be impressed by Germany.

As soon as reached German territory beautiful cycle roads and the fields ended and they were replaced by poor quality of cycle paths and forests.

Even German cows wasn't so friendly as at Holland and Belgium.
My impression of Germany was saddened by this facts. 

Left turn to the Holland, right turn deep into the Germany.

This power box reminded me Latvia.

German style fountain.

Impressive town decorations.

My navigation took me right on the top of the hill and now wanted me go down off road track. I wish I had my mountain bike. 

Downhill was very ruff. Especially on my heavy loaded bicycle.

Sign for pilgrims.

Cycling down hill caused my garmin failure. Probably because of the high vibration my Garmin  broken down.

I couldn't switch it on again. It was working but only for a few seconds and it constantly switching off.
That was a disaster! My new expensive gadget was broken and I even had no paper map. It was a very stressful moment for me.
I new that I always need to cycle up to the river to get to Dusseldorf but I was much more confident with my navigation and now I was alone in unwelcome country....

I was cycling to Emmerich to find a shop where I can buy a normal paper map. I had a very bad mood. I new that I can get my money back for my Garmin  from the Amazon but I still preferred to have a navigation as a helper for my travel.


Cycling through this city brought me another problem. As it happened before at England my front rack bolt broke and stuck inside the fork. And now I had another problem.

I was feeling emotionally down. I didn't know what to do. I started hating Germany. It was so good at Belgium and Holland but Germany only causeded me a trouble.
Just outside the city I found McDonald's and decided go inside to use a free internet to find nearest camping site and maybe find a solution how to fix my navigation. Later I found out that at German's McD you can't use a free internet unless you registered with your german phone number it will only giving you a chance using it for one hour a day.
At the McDonald's I met two Russian girls. One of them Anastasija also using couchsurfing and she invited me to stay into her house. Her husband Erwin is Duch and he was a couchsurfing event organiser at Rotterdam.

They offered to me go with them to Bochum for a couchsurfing meeting. I was happy to do that. And we drove 120 km from Emmerith to Bochum by the car.

At the Bochum I had met some very interesting people some of them invited me to stay at their place but unfortunately all this city's were outside of my route.

That was my lucky day which was almost ruined at the middle and finished just great.

I had also managed reinstall my Garmin and now it worked good as before. Unfortunately i had lost some data but it wast a big loss for me....I was very happy again:))


Next day I made so repairs to my broken rack and was ready to cycle to Dusseldorf.


Somehow I had to cycle through the Holland again:)

My favourite cycle roads. Ehh I love Holland:)

My other last lunch at Holland :D

eco friendly tractor.

And back again to Germany :(

At Germany instead of bicycles people prefer using a tractors as everyday transport.

Road to Dusseldorf was terrible. No good cycle roads and also very dull small cities I had to cycle through.

Hiding from the rain.

That day I had cycle around 85 km and I was completely exhausted. I started looking for a place to stay over night.
Maybe this one?

I had found one camping on my way to Dusseldorf but still had to cycle another 25km. I was so tired that decided find a field or hidden spot where I can stay for wild camping and soon I found one. There was a farm house near by and I had decided go and ask for a permission to set my tent. Woman who opened the door allowed me to stay at her small guest house and offered me a breakfast at the morning.

I was so lucky that day:)

I started like Germany especially people I were meeting there.

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