23 August 2012

Basel - Biel/Bienne

At the morning I and Jess we had a morning coffee at the balcony.

I would be happy to stay at Basel for couple more days but I already arrange my place to stay in Biel/Bienne. Also Switzerland is not a cheap country to stay even I don't have to pay for accommodation.
But I will definitely come back here again. As I liked in Basel and now I have a friend here.

I had posted a postcard to my friend in Latvia and went to Biel/Bienne.
Biel/Bienne has a double name because one name is French another is German.

It Bienne I was planing to stay with with another couchsurfer Judith. I had told her that I will be around 7pm in Biel/Bienne.
Road from Basel to Bienne going through mountains. During my trip I had to climb to 900m above the sea level. It is not very high but when the temperature is above +30C on 50kg bike it was very difficult.  Sometimes I thought that I would not be able complete my 100km journey on time.

Country side road outside the Basel.

National park.

My "favourite" sign.
Cycling up to this hill was the most challenging part of my journey. I had to climb from 112m above the sea level to 650m.

:) tired

After the long way up I had a very fast way down:)
In some places my speed was more than 50 km and once I almost had a collision with a car on a narrow road.

In Switzerland is a very good cycle network.

Signs are everywhere.


Pine forest......

I bought some food in the local shop and stopped for a lunch.

After the short break I'll back to cycling.

I was following speed limit!
Actually I was even more sensible. My speed was around 8 km/h.
I love hills.....

Happy Swiss ponies.

Happy Swiss cows. 

Swiss "Muscle Cow"

 Long-long way up...

Unhappy with a uphill.

Alps? No...

Very long downhill :)))))))))))))

Like this view.

I am happy again:)

Because of the heat soon I had to stop at the village to refill my "Camelbak" with a water. I drank 3 litres of water and 1 litre of milk during my 4 hours ride.

Free water:)

Better than "Evian":)
My "Camelbak" can hold 3 litre of water and it should be enough for the rest of the trip.

Very quiet and smooth cycle path.

To get in Bienne I had to cycle through the Solothurn. One road was shorter then another.
Why I had choose long one?

In one place road was shut because of the road works and I had to look for diversion.

This is not Alps its a Jura mountains.
I still gonna see the Alps near Geneva.

Roundabout was sponsored by Swatch.

Somewhere very close to Biel/Bienne.

Rolex factory.


I made 101 km from Basel to Biel/Bienne. I was tired and happy. And I managed to be on time.

This is Judith and her friend Dominique. Together we had a dinner and later went to the city to meet with their other friends. 

 I got this two pictures because other was blurred:)

Day 2 at Biel/Bienne
Started with a coffee on balcony. My favourite Swiss tradition:)

Later I made a short walk around the city.

Harbour at the  Biel Lake.

City is very green.

Later at evening I met with another couchsurfer Adeline. She is working for "Rado" watches company at Biel/Bienne. Together we took a bicycle trip around the lake.

It was very nice to met Adeline that evening. Maybe we will meet again when some time later I come to Switzerland to buy expensive watches. Maybe it even be a "Rado" if they will make something more interesting and different from their current black and square design.

Something like this....

And tomorrow I cycling to Lausanne or how I call it Lasagne.........

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